Do you tip dog groomers: 11 Important Things You Must Need to Know

The most basic question that arises in a pet owner’s mind is “if they should be tipping the groomer”. You should know that this might not be the most reputable job, but it is something that requires a lot of love and patience towards the animal. If your dog groomer is helping you out with your dog, then it is very much likely that he or she is doing it out of love. But in this world, everything comes with a price. A dog groomer doesn’t ask for a lot of money, but giving tip shows them that you value their work and appreciate them for what they are doing.

So here are 11 things that you must know about tipping your dog groomer.

1. A dog groomer might not ask for it, but tipping them is really necessary because they go through a lot more trouble in handling your dog than you think. Remember you can always do your dog’s grooming yourself but for this, you will have to become a dog groomer and believe me, it is tough because you will have to go through a proper job list for people who LOVE pets. Anyways, dogs don’t always sit still during the session, which makes it really hard for the groomers to do the job

2. Dogs can create the mess which can really cause a lot of trouble. For a dog groomer, it is something that they see every day and sometimes they get annoyed too. But they try to maintain a professional behavior throughout the session.

3. If you don’t tip your hairstylist then it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tip your dog groomer. There is a large difference between what your hair stylist and a dog groomer go through.

4. While a dog groomer tries to do its job, your dog can make a whole lot of mess. Sometimes a dog can bite the groomer or even try to run because of getting nervous. But still, a groomer tries to be as patient as possible.

5. You should tip your dog groomer if the groomer does not charge you for an incomplete grooming because your dog was causing too much trouble or causes any injury to the groomer or itself.

6. Usually overweight and older dogs are known for refusing to stand while grooming. This can test the patience of your dog groomer. Not only that, it wastes a lot of time of your groomer. So you should tip accordingly.

7. Dog groomers are generally good at their job, but sometimes a dog a can shed way too much hair than normal and also there can be matting of hair. In such case, you should know that it only causes more trouble for the groomer as you will leave with your dog, but the groomer will have to clean the whole mess up. So don’t forget to tip the groomer in such case.

8. Just like you tip a waiter in a restaurant, you just have to tip a pet groomer in the same way. Remember 15 to 20% of your total service cost.

9. If the service provided by the groomer is not very good or does not meet your expectations then you can always refuse to tip. Also, if you visit the groomer frequently then you can choose to tip occasionally.

10. Tipping a dog groomer shows that you appreciate what they are doing as they deal with things every day that we can only imagine or situations we don’t want to deal with in our life. This might be a lovely job, but only a person who is tough and has a lot of patience can survive.

11. Not all pet groomers work the same way. If you find someone who is compatible for grooming your dog and does the job perfectly, then you should consider tipping as you don’t find good pet groomers every day.