A Complete Guide About Blue Heeler Border Collie Mix

If you are looking for a dog that is smart enough to understand your actions and be a part of your family, then you should look for none other than the Blue Heeler Border Mix. This mix of the breed has resulted in the evolution of a dog that can help in performing regular household chores and play with you anytime. This guide will tell you everything you want to know about this intelligent species of dog, a brief description that will help in making the right decision of choosing this dog for your house.

Origin of the Border collie

The breed of this dog is as old as the relationship between humans and dogs. Yes, they date back to the first contact humans had with dogs, the first time when the humans started to pet them. This is not what we say. This is what is believed in Britain.

The word itself means Sheepdogs. They were called sheepdogs because they were used by the shepherds who fed their sheep between the coast of Scotland and England. During those times, they were called by different names and their work was assigned according to their body structure and other traits.

These dogs are only used for the purpose of protecting and doing work. They came in trend and were actually noticed by the people when Queen Victoria became obsessed with them.

Border collie traits

The Border collie is very smart breed of dogs. These dogs are actually very energetic and they have this constant need of spending their energy somewhere. When this need is not fulfilled, they tend to show behavioral changes which can involve chasing vehicles or digging the ground.

They are of a very dynamic personality and their mind is very sharp. That is the reason why they should be kept busy all the time. Helping the shepherds is actually a great task that they do which actually helps them in spending their energy and increase the sharpness of their senses.

Moreover, they are a social breed and need to be kept in touch with other dogs from the starting or their personality can alter with time.

Origin of Blue Heeler

This is actually a breed that originated in Australia in the 19th century. They became really popular among the country’s cattlemen as they used them for herding their cattle. The reason behind this was that they are tough and smart. Apart from that, these dogs also were a successful mix breed of collier and different dogs.

Blue Heeler Traits

This breed of dog generally weighs between 13kg to 20 kg. There are also very energetic. They are the dogs that can become a part of your family member easily because of these dogs being so playful and intelligent. Moreover, these dogs are very protective of their owners and that is the reason why many cattlemen pet them and keep them while herding. They are more or less like shepherd dogs because of these dogs being so independent.

What about the mix?

The question that arises in everybody’s mind is that “What can I expect from a Blue Heeler Border Collie mix?” There is a simple answer to that. To understand the nature and traits of the mixed breed of these two dogs, one must understand the actual traits of these dogs which will eventually impact their mixed breed and give the answers to all your questions as there is not much known about the Blue Heeler Border Collie Mix. As both of these species are strong, bold and independent, but still there is a lot that can make their mix different from these two. So before that let’s study the individual breed

> Border collie size

This breed of dog with 22-inch height is a really bold dog. The size being small does not make it any less furious and energetic than any other shepherd dog. These dogs are usually black in color with white stripes on their body. Their coat is small in size and the white glaze covers their body parts. This might not be the fiercest dog in terms of protection, but that is what makes it ideal for your home.

> Blue Heeler

This strong dog has height same as that of Border collie is the dog that can protect and be playful at the same time. This dog being smart makes it perfect for helping you in some of your house chores. This dog is strong with muscular legs and weather resistant coat which makes them independent.


These dogs are the perfect example of a pet dog because of their intellectual and bold traits. Imagine what can happen if these traits get mixed together. You can actually imagine what their breed would look like and work like. At the end of the day, it is about keeping them occupied with something and never letting them get bored.