How do you know if your cat needs glands expressed?

Just like dogs and any other canine, cats also have two anal glands and filling up of these anal glands is not a big deal. It is one of the most common problems amongst them. If these anal cavities are blocked, then your cat’s poop can become smelly and the cat will always feel discomfort.

This can also cause extreme irritation in your cat. This problem is not deadly, but it can cause discomfort to such extent that your cat won’t be able to live properly and will feel irritated all the time. At such point, visiting a vet is a rather best option if you don’t know what to do in such case.

About Anal Glands

It is obvious that anal glands are present in the anus of a cat. These are small cavities that emit a small amount of fluid every time your cat poops. If your cat’s stool is healthy and your cat is pooping regularly, then these glands show no sign of problems or discomfort, but if the cat’s stool is irregular or unhealthy then this can become troublesome for cats in a worst possible way.

The glands can fill up with the fluid which will eventually get stuck if the glands are not emptied regularly. This fluid will then start to get dense, which will make it impossible for it to come out with poop. And at the end, the cat will suffer from the infection.


Generally, the symptoms are easy to determine as the cats show weird behavior once their glands stop getting expressed. The first symptom is that they become very furious. Yes, the cats feel an extreme level of discomfort which makes them furious and they start scooting.

They start to rub their rear against a wall or usually floor to make the itch and irritation go away. This also results in redness and swelling in the skin around their anus, which makes that area very sensitive and cats try their best that nothing or no one rubs against it.

Another symptom is that their poop starts to smell a lot. And their anus starts to smell even more because of all that fluid trapped inside their anus. The smell will be so terrible that it will make it impossible for you to be around your cat for a second. This smell is the sign that your cat’s glands are in need to be expressed.

And one more symptom that shows the problem in cats is their constant effort of trying to lick or chew their rear end. It might look disgusting (which it actually is) but it is only because of all the discomfort they are feeling. They feel so much pain that they end up feeling constipated or pooping outside the litter box. The licking and chewing part might look like a bad habit, but it can be a sign of un-expressed glands which can become really problematic for them.

What to do?

In such case, knowing the cause is the key. If you know the cause of their situation then you can easily tackle with it as dealing with clogged glands is not very hard. If you don’t know what to do then consulting a vet is the best thing you can do to help your canine friend. A vet generally squeezes out the fluid manually. It might look disgusting, but try your best to observe what the vet is doing very carefully so you don’t have to take your pet to the vet every time such a thing happens.

Supplements for anal glands to reduce gland problems

Glandex Pet Wipes for dogs and cats

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This product by glandex not only supports the health of anal gland but also maintains proper hygiene. Moreover, it can be used for a cat’s daily hygiene since you can use it all over the body of your cat including paws, face, coat, ears and anal area. The best part is that you can use it on cats, as well as dogs. One of the features of this product is that it is deodorizing in nature which means it can help in eliminating unpleasant odor from the anal glands.

It is done by the deoplex enzymes present in the wipes. Now, if this wasn’t convincing enough then know that these wipes are recommended by vets to keep your cat’s anal gland odor free and healthy. It is also used by vets themselves since wet towels can only help in expressing cat’s glands, but it’s not enough to cut the smell. These wipes can do that in no time.

Also, the thing about these wipes is that they are made up of an ultra-soft and durable cloth which is gentle for your cat’s sensitive areas and also tough enough to eliminate the difficult mess as well as odor. Overall, it’s a great product offered at an affordable price.


Glandex Powder for dogs and cats

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This is yet another product from glandex but unlike wipes, this is a powder which has an entirely different approach towards treating your cat’s glands. Glandex has proven its worth by supporting neurontin 800 mg anal glands’ health, also it is the only product which targets all the underlying causes of problems related to anal glands.

It works by bulking up and firming the stools and help in reducing any inflammation. Moreover, the results of glandex are guaranteed which makes it even more reliable. This is one of those products that vets recommend with their eyes closed since this is the only product which caters to your pet’s anal gland issues.

This glandex powder is formulated with the key ingredients including pumpkin seeds, digestive enzymes, natural anti-inflammatories and probiotics which can work amazingly well against anal gland problems. All the ingredients used are natural and premium.

Glandex is highly effective and is made in the USA with the optimum quality ingredients. It is also very easy to use. It comes as a beef liver powder which makes it irresistible to cats. So, if you are looking for something to reduce your cat’s inflammation and keep your cat’s anal glands’ health in check then this is the product for you. It is affordable, effective and uses all-natural ingredients making it a premium quality product.


What does a vet charge to express cats’ anal glands?

If you want a vet to express your cat’s anal glands then the best way to know its cost is to ask the vet. The charges usually vary from clinic to clinic so there’s no right answer to this question. Most importantly, the total charges can only be known once the vet has officially examined your cat which usually includes looking for any pieces of evidence of disease in the anal gland.

They first see the gland secretion. If the gland secretion is yellow in color and has an oily appearance, then it is normal. If not expressed regularly, it can become a little more consistent and also it harden over time with a grainy texture. This can lead to discomfort in cats.

The worst part is the infection. Once the bacteria find a way to enter anal sac, it can make the area swollen, red and painful. That’s why it is important to catch the infection in time as it can be easily treated with the help of antibiotics. The swelling can be reduced with the help of warm compresses. If the cat has an ongoing inflammation in anal sac, then it can be treated by removing the entire anal sac. This can also help in treating anal gland tumors.


Things you will need to express your cat’s anal glands

The first thing that you will need to express your cat’s glands is a strong surface on which your cat can comfortably stand. If there’s a countertop in your bathroom or kitchen then it can work well. And make sure that you put plenty of newspapers over it to make a layer.

Next, you need is a pair of gloves. You can get surgical gloves from your nearest pharmaceutical stores. This is to avoid the secretions from getting on your hands. Also, gloves can help in maintaining proper hygiene and it makes sure that no disease or anything is getting transferred through the hands.

You will also need some wet wipes. Wet wipes are used for cleaning the area surrounding anal once the anal glands are expressed. Make sure that whatever cloth or paper you are using is damp. This helps in easily cleaning the mess. So, don’t forget to keep wet wipes before expressing your cat’s anal glands.

And the last and most important thing that you will need is a bunch of treats. The whole process of expressing glands can become tiring for your cat. So, if your cat cooperates throughout the process then make sure that you reward it well with treats.

Anal glands expressed, but still problems – how do you know if there is an abscess or infection too?

Sometimes, expressing your cat’s anal glands is not enough. Even after days of the procedure, cats can still develop unpassed material in the glands. This can lead to swelling and inflammation. Now, if you have already taken your cat to the vet then the vet might have removed the waste and given antibiotics. But the problem doesn’t end here. When a cat goes through such a situation, the first thing to do is know the reason why it occurred in the first place. So, make sure you ask your vet. The reason might be the quality of food, infection, obesity or trouble expressing glands on its own.

A lot of times, as an owner we tend to neglect the signs of sickness in our pets thinking of it as post-recovery issues. But when it comes to something like unexpressed glands, then there’s a very high chance of getting an infection. That’s why it becomes important to see for the signs of any possible infection. If you see your cat being upset, irritated and having trouble expressing glands then it becomes important to take your cat to the vet. Also, there can be other signs too, like inflammation of glands, or swollen glands.