11 Brain Games To Keep Your Cat Mentally Stimulated

Cats are one of the most wonderful animals. Their brain is more similar to humans than it is to the dogs which make them unique. When it comes to adopting a cat, we are not the ones who choose the cat, but in reality, they are the ones who choose us. So if you own a cat, then according to statistics you are one of the 47% lucky people. But owning a cat is not enough. Cats are very energetic animals as they store and build-up energy while they sleep. So it is necessary for a cat to spend that energy somewhere. For that, make sure that you play with your cat every day because this not only keeps them healthy and happy but also keeps them stress and anger free.

If you think that your cat is healthy but still it is always angry or tries to bite people, then it means that you need to play with it. There are a lot of games that can keep your cat busy. Forget about those old school games of just running around with your cat or throwing toys here and there. You need to play real brain games with your cat that can actually help your cat to grow and become stronger mentally as well as physically. If you are having a kitten, then don’t wait for it to grow into a big cat to start playing these brain games. Try to play these games when they are very young because the sooner you start the better they become mentally.

So, here are 11 unique games that you can play with your cat to stimulate the brain of your cat for increased brain activity and better growth.

1. A Cat Charmer

It is one of those games that can help your kitty to become active. It is a very interactive game in which you the owner use a ribbon tied to a stick and twirl it around in such a way that your cat would have to jump and run in order to catch it. Cats love this game and you don’t have to spend much money on this one. Just a stick and a piece of ribbon can turn into a great playing session.

2. A Cagey Cube

A cagey cube game is very interactive and can be very challenging for your cat. It is basically a game in which your cat has to take the ball out of a cube which looks like a cage with holes of a different shape. It is your cat’s job to figure out which of the holes to use. This game usually keeps your cat busy and it is not necessary for you to indulge with your cat. You can buy this cagey cube at any toy shop because these kinds of cubes are also available for small babies in the market.

3. Make your own puzzle

Fact about making your own puzzle is that you can be creative. For this one, you can use a box of cardboard or anything that is cheap and easily available. Cardboards should be your first preference as they are recyclable. You can cut small shapes on the cardboard and fill it with a small treat then let your cat reach the treat with its hand through the right hole.

4. More Treats

Treats are a great way to teach anybody anything. If you provide someone treats for doing or learning something, then they would be more than happy. The same case is with cats and dogs. You can teach them to sit or stand or jump or roll by providing them treat after every task. Cats are very smart and can easily learn new things. Providing them with treats can make that learning process faster.

5. Laser light

This is a very popular game amongst cat owners. You can play this game with your cat anywhere. All you need is a laser light for this one. Run the laser light on the wall or on the floor and your cat will try to chase it. This game makes them active and strong and helps them to release their energy in the game making them satisfied. But this game needs your attention as they can’t play alone.

6. “Catit design senses speed circuit”

This is a great alternative to the laser light games, but it might cost more than that. But this is a very interactive game for cats as they try to chase the ball that is illuminating. The ball is inside the tube so they can never really catch the ball, but still, this game keeps them busy and gives them a great way to pass their time and do something productive. This game doesn’t need your assistance. So if you are busy with your work, then you can buy this one for your cat to keep them busy.

7. Another interactive Puzzle box

This is a very interactive game and needs an intermediate to expert level of intelligence. In this game, your cat is supposed to fill a box through holes of different shapes. The box can only be filled if the shape of the object is same as that of the shape of the hole. This game is a bit hard for beginners but you can always use this game to judge your cat’s intelligence. And it is very easy to make.

8. Paw Hide

This game looks very easy, but in reality, it can be very challenging. In this one, your cat has to take out the treats that are under the cups and the cups are placed upside down in a vessel making it hard to remove. You can buy this game from toy shops or online without spending too much money.

9. A Ball filled with Treats

This is a very easy game that teaches your cat how to roll a ball around. This is a great game for kittens as they roll around a hollow ball filled with treats. The ball has a small hole that allows the treat to come out at a certain point. Your cat will love this game and will probably play with it for hours in search of treats.

10. A Play-bed

A play-bed is actually an interactive bed in which your cat can sleep as well as play. It is also very popular and loved by cats. Your cat can easily pass its time as it keeps your cat busy and stress-free. It is not recommended for kittens because of their own safety, but apart from that, you can invest in this one without giving it a second thought.

11. Chasing a Toy

This is one of the oldest games for cats. In this game, your cat chases a small toy around the house. It would be better if the toy is a rat. You can make this game more challenging by using some obstacles in the cat’s path.

These 11 games are very interactive and easily accessible. As we told you before, these games will not only help in your cat’s mental growth but their physical growth too. So never forget to take some time out to play with your cat because they get easily bored and develop stress. The games mentioned above are easy to play and can help you in making a bond with your pet.