Why Do Cats Bite- 9 Tips to Stop Your Cat From Biting

grey cat biting hand in his mouth on white background

There are a lot of reasons why your kite bites you. Sometimes a cat bites out of love and sometimes out of aggression. But whatever the reason is, a cat bite can be proven dangerous. If the cat’s bite does not penetrate the skin, then you are fine, but if it does, then it can lead to scarring, bleeding, infection and intense pain.

Sometimes cats unknowingly bite us aggressively just because they want to play with us. It is in the nature of that animal. They play-fight with each other to become stronger and since their skin is thicker; it gives them an advantage over us as a bite from a cat can easily wound our skin. You are more prone to cat bites if you are having a single cat in your house which makes sense because the cat has no-one to play with except you.

First things first, try to find out the reason behind your cat’s behavior. If it’s biting you then figuring out the reason can help you solve the problem. Whether it is for playing or out of aggression; you have to teach your cat not to bite you if you are going to live together. Most of the cats learn quickly, but some don’t. So we are going to discuss some ways in which you can teach your cat not to bite you.

1. Cats usually bite when they are bored. Cats are one of those animals that are very energetic. That’s why they have an urge of spending that energy somewhere. So, if you are not playing enough with your cat, then it will eventually get bored. Try to take some time out of your schedule to play with your cat. This way you can teach your cat how to play.

2. Find a companion. Sometimes it can become hard for you to play every day with your cat. You may be busy or you want to go out for some reason. Between all this forgetting about playing with your cat is normal. There is always an option of adopting one more cat so that your cat has a buddy to play with. This way you can sometimes take some time off from your cat and it will also keep your cat busy.

3. If your cat bites you then don’t punish it. Try to scare her away, but don’t ever hit it as you can injure her. Cats are very small and weak as compared to a human which means one hit is enough to knock them out which you probably don’t want. Also, when you hit a cat, then there are chances that it will bite you again. Cats think of it as a rough play because of their nature. Or if your cat is angry and then you try to hit her then out of self-defense, it can bite you with more intensity.

4. Never allow your cat to play with your hands or fingers. Cats think of them as toys and in no time neurontin 400 mg they start to bite them. It is your job as an owner to teach them the difference between toys and fingers. Buy them toys that they can easily play with or bite. Cats love toys with extensions. A stuffed animal can be a good choice.

5. Keep your cat busy. As we’ve already told you that the cats are very energetic animals as they store up energy while sleeping. So try to keep them busy by giving them a lot of time to play. Either play with them or give them different toys to play with, as once they get tired they won’t have enough energy to bite someone.

6. Use water. The cat’s coat is not a very good insulator that’s why most of the cats hate getting wet. You can use this as an advantage. If next time your cat bites you due to any reason, you can spray water on it. With time they will understand that their actions can cause consequences that they will not like.

7. Ignore it. Cats are smart animals and they understand most of our behavior. If a cat bites you while you are playing then stop playing and ignore your cat as much as you can. Don’t punish your cat for biting or don’t even look it. This can give them the idea about what they did was wrong. And next time they will remember this before biting.

8. Try to use toys or some other stuff for playing with your cat. Avoid bare hands as much as you can while playing with your cat. Once they get used to playing with our hands, then this habit might continue till their adulthood and an attack from an adult cat can really hurt badly. So try to find toys to play with your cat.

9. Try to build some trust with your cat. Cats usually bite when they feel scared or unsafe. They are the type of animals that prefer to be left alone rather than getting pampered every day like a dog. So if your cat doesn’t trust you, then there are high chances that it will attack you by biting or scratching if you try to go close to it. If you give your cat the space it needs, then it won’t bite you.

Cats can be your best friends or your worst enemy. Their bites and scratches can cause a considerable amount of damage. Try to provide your cat an environment where she can feel safe. Troubled cats are more likely to bite their owners. So, if you think that your cat is stressed because of some reason or it is angry all the time then consulting a vet is a good idea.

What you teach today can help you in the future. If you teach your cat not to bite or play with your hands, fingers or clothes, then it can help you and your cat in the long run.