Cat Throwing Up Food But Acting Normal: Why?

An upset stomach not only concerns humans but also animals. So if you are having a pet cat, then there is a probability of your cat suffering from a stomach infection, or other stomach related issues that can lead to withdrawal symptoms in cats. Your cat may look totally fine but there can be a lot going inside your cat that can cause discomfort. So below we have mentioned some reasons that might be responsible for your cat throwing up.


This is one of the major reasons of why your cat might be throwing up but still doesn’t look sick. If the food you are providing your cat is of poor quality or not up to the mark, then it can make cats sick in the stomach making your cat puke whatever it eats.

Also, if you are providing your cat with the same kind of food every day, then your cat can get bored with it. It is same with humans. If you eat the same food every day, then you can also get bored and feel sick while eating it. So try to bring some variety in your cat’s food. Just make sure that they get enough protein to fulfill their everyday needs.

If your cat is young then it is normal if it throws up after eating. It can be because your cat doesn’t like the food even if it is of optimum quality.

This problem can be solved if you introduce a different variety of food to your cat’s diet. This way your cat won’t get bored with the food and it will also reduce the risk of the cat developing any form of allergy.

Foreign substance

Here foreign substance means something that is not part of your cat’s diet. It can be anything from a hairball to a piece of plastic. Cats don’t usually eat anything that comes in their way. But sometimes one way or another side effect neurontin some foreign matter like plastic, bacteria or a hairball can get lodged in their stomach causing extreme discomfort and withdrawal of food particles.

In such case, consult a vet as soon as possible as these things can cause infection in the cat’s stomach making its condition worse. These things can’t be digested so most of the time they get excreted out, but sometimes this does not happen.

It is very hard to figure out if your cat has ingested something like this. So if your cat’s diet is okay and there are no symptoms of sickness other than throwing up then this can be the case. In such case, medical attention is needed.

Deficiency of certain enzymes

Don’t forget that your cat might be throwing up because the food your cat is eating is not getting digested. Such cases are very common in cats with pancreatic issues. When the pancreas doesn’t release enzymes necessary for the breakdown of food then the food may try to make its way back from the mouth.

Also, if your cat is eating too much food in a short period of time then this can cause vomiting. If you have more than one cat in your house then this case is very common. Cats are known for being overprotective towards what is there’s. So if you have more than one cat in your house, then to avoid sharing food, your cat might try to gulp a large amount of food in a short period of time making it hard to ingest or even digest. This can upset the cat’s stomach and make your cat throw up.


The points mentioned above are one of the most common reasons behind a cat vomit without any other signs of sickness. If your cat faces the same trouble then take these points into consideration and provide your cat with the required medical aid.