Simple Guard 3 For Dog: The Things That You Should Know

If you have a dog, then you are one of the luckiest people in the world. Dogs not only bring joy and happiness to your home, but they also give you a reason to come back home every day with a smile to be greeted by your beloved dog. But just like human beings, they also get sick and catch different diseases. Just so you know, one of the major causes of sickness in pets (mainly cats and dogs) is fleas and other parasites.

If you think that your dog has it or is vulnerable to it, then you are not alone. There are a lot of pet owners out there who think the same. That’s why by keeping their worries in mind, Simple Guard 3 has hit the market with a promise of dealing with these flea problems.

What exactly is Simple Guard 3?

Simple guard 3 is like a repellant for fleas or other parasites that start to live on your pet’s skin. It not only repels them but also kills them. Once applied this Simple Guard 3 works like a charm and makes your dog’s skin immune from any parasite attack. Not only adult parasite, but it also takes care of the larvae and other small fleas that infest on your dog’s skin and make it infected.

It lasts very long and within a couple hours of use, it clears your dog’s skin.

How to use it?

Simple guard 3 is very easy to use and anybody can apply it to their dog without any trouble or complications. Its shape makes it very easy to apply it on your dog’s skin equally without scraping away the damaged area.

To apply it on your dog’s skin, hold the tube in an upright position and then use the tip of the tube to apply the solution. Now start from the bottom of the back of your dog and then go to the tail and after that apply it towards the shoulder. All of this process should be done while squeezing the applicator.

Once done, the tube should get empty as it is made to be used only once a month as it can cause irritation on your dog’s skin if applied in excess. Also, remember that this product is only made for dogs, so try not to apply this on a cat’s skin as it can severely damage its skin.

Any Side-Effects?

There might be some side-effects like itching. Yes, your dog’s body can start to itch after applying this product but it is normal. The product spread throughout the dog’s body once applied to protect it from any parasite that is living on its skin. The product is so strong that it protects your dog for 30 days, so it is normal if your dog starts to itch a lot. This usually happens when the product applied is still fresh and wet. After a few hours or days, the itch will go away. So don’t get paranoid if your dog starts to scratch its body like a maniac.

You can always distract your dog by playing games or feeding it. Moreover, this problem occurs in the dogs that are first time users as it takes time to get adapted to the product.


We all love our pets, whether it is a cat or a dog. They are totally dependent on us for their well-being so it is our responsibility to take care of them. If we have decided to accept them as a part of our family, then their concern is our concern too. So if you want your dog to be immune from any parasite attack, then get a Simple Guard 3 today.


  • My dog had bad reaction. She has not been the same dog. She was panting the next morning and kept crying and rolling around. I gave her 4 baths with Dawn. She is not the same from this poison. I am very upset

  • I am so upset with this product I used it on my 2 yr old Bichon five days ago and he is getting sicker and sicker by the day. I took him to the vet and she told me it was just a hotspot well I beg to differ because the dog is not drinking or eating and won’t stand on its own. I can’t get near his back or tail because he cries in pain. I’ve been wrapping him in a soft sheet and keeping him near me. Before this product was administered he was a happy energetic playful little dog.

    • I think your Bichon may have some other problems. You should keep communication with your Vet

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