Why Does My Cat Trilling?

Cats can communicate through a lot of ways. They create different sounds for different reasons. There are many sounds that they make which is intended for humans only and also there are sounds that they make to communicate to other cats.

But sometimes you might have noticed that you wake up to a sound of cat growling or meowing loudly. The sound is repetitive and kind of loud, making you wonder the reason behind it. This is called trilling and this trilling is actually the noise your cat makes when it needs your attention. Your cat might be just greeting you or it might be asking you to give attention to it.

Your cat might also trill when you come back home or give your cat a treat. This trilling is actually positive.

What is Trilling?

The main question arises is what trilling actually is. It is the sound similar to “urrrr” which in kitty’s language is a hello. This sound will be somewhat mixed with purr sound. Cats that have been with their mothers learn to make this sound. This is like a greeting that cats do and once learned they do it throughout their feline lives.

They can make this sound anytime, while playing, getting rubbed, or if you give them food. Sometimes they even do it in the morning or whenever they see you. The sole purpose of this sound is to gain attention from the owner. If you are not giving them attention, then they will continually make this sound.

Meanings behind the trilling

They might be asking for attention or greeting you in their own way, but it can mean much more than that. This is the sound that they learn when they are very young. The first time they hear this sound is probably from their mothers. This can be used to call the kittens back if they run too far. And with time, kittens also learn to make this sound. So listed down below are some of the meanings behind your cat’s trilling.

>An expression

If the cat sees something new or interesting or if the cat is introduced to a new environment that it personally likes then the cat might make the noise. This is a way of expressing the feelings towards something good or something new and exciting.

>For attention

Cats are the kind of animals that need attention. They can get really upset and depressed if the owners don’t give them much attention or the owners don’t spend time with them. This can annoy them so to ask for attention, they make this sound. This is their way of asking for food or some petting. So pay attention to that if your cat is trilling while going away from you.


Yes, they do like to talk or reply to what you say to them. If you are saying something around your cat and if you have not said anything to your cat in a long time then to initiate a conversation or reply to your words they might make the trilling sound.


If you are not able to find out the reason behind your cat’s trilling then you should probably visit a vet because your cat might be suffering from some issue and trying to tell you by trilling. Moreover, most of the times this trilling sound is positive and have some interesting reason behind it. It might sound weird listening to their trilling but once you get into the habit of that, you will love your cat even more as you will find your cat more interactive.