Strongid for Cats: Here is What You Exactly Need to Know

When cat owners are asked about Strongid for their cats, they generally get stuck in a dilemma about the side-effects, or they have their own questions and suspicions regarding the topic. This article will provide all the information that you need to know about the Strongid.

What is Strongid?

Largely used by veterinarians, Strongid is a brand from Pyrantel Pamoate for the treatment of parasitic infections that are found mainly in dogs and cats. Strongid’s work is to target the immune system of the animal which abolishes the infection or leaves the infection impotent. If your cat is having an infection, then the affected area is most probably its intestine. So the drug cleans the area of any infection.

This drug should be given to the animals only if prescribed by a qualified vet because the drug is really strong and if used recklessly can mess up the animal’s body. The drug is available either as syrup or as a pill. So before giving it to the animal, always consult a vet.


So the main question arises is what exactly it is used for. Let’s say your cat was playing and the area on which your cat was playing had a parasite in it. Somehow, the parasite made its way into your cat’s body. The parasite is mainly a hookworm or a roundworm. In such cases, Strongid is prescribed. These parasites harm the body of the host which in this case is your cat. So always look out for the symptoms. Generally, these parasites can cause bald patches on your cat’s body or they can alter your cat’s eating habit and even result in constipation in your cat. If the cat is very young, then it is advised to provide Strongid because a kitten is more prone to host parasites in its body. Kittens can easily get parasites passed on to them from their mothers during birth or by other physical contacts.

This does not mean that humans are any safer. They can have the same effects on humans as that of animals.

But since they are more common in cats, Strongid is recommended by vets when the cat is young at that time it is more prone to catch parasites which can cause trouble in its body and sometimes it even results in the death of the animal. Some may think that only wild cats or homeless cats are prone to these parasites, which is not true at all. An indoor cat can also pick up these infections if comes in contact with an infected insect or infected feces. So, cat owners should take care of what their cats eat every day to prevent infection and also organize de-worming sessions periodically with the help of a veterinarian.


As such there are no prominent side-effects that owners should be worried about but still, there are some things that cat owners should always keep in mind before giving their pets Strongid. The most important thing is if your cat is sensitive to drugs then you, probably you should not give it to them as it will do more harm than good. Also, if you don’t know the cause of their extreme illness, then don’t give Strongid to your pet without consulting a vet. Strongid is not a hard drug. It has mild effects on the cat’s body and is used to treat parasitic infections only.


Strongid is a drug with a high success rate. If you consider giving it to your cat, then be sure of the reason of your cat’s illness to avoid any issues. Moreover, in most cases, one dose is enough to eliminate the infection.


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