A Complete Guide About Hhiba Inu Husky Mix

Siberian huskies are one of the most popular dogs among many pet owners. Because of their ceremonious look and beautiful body, these dogs attract many pet owners. Also, they look like wolves, which make them more magnificent.

On the other hand, Shiba Inu has a fox-like body structure and has an amazing look. They have a very compact body structure, which is totally different from huskies but they are equally beautiful and majestic. So what will happen if these breeds combine? Once we combine these breeds, we get a Shiba Inu husky mix which is an extremely beautiful mix breed. The breed is so stunningly beautiful that no one can say no to adopt this breed.

This breed is new and can’t really be found on the internet which makes it hard to show the examples. But this breed has actually shown what real beauty is.

This Shiba Inu Husky mix is a magnificent breed, but it is said that this breed is not suitable for everyone. There is a criterion to own this dog. If somebody wants this breed then the person has to come up with a valid reason who wants to breed the husky and Shiba Inu. If a dog owner is responsible enough to take care of the mixed breed then he or she should have a valid reason for owning one.

What it’s like owning one?

It might sound very difficult to own a Shiba Inu Husky mix to those who have never had any experience with this breed but trust us it is not that difficult. The first thing that will amaze you about the dog is its looks. The looks will be enough to tempt you in owning this breed. If you have decided to own one, then you are probably ready to take care of the dog no matter how it will behave in your company. Its temperament depends on the owner’s behavior and in the initial stages; it might become a little challenging, but once you get the grip of it and understand how they like to function, you’ll be able to create a bond with them and manage to take care of them.

Usually, this breed is healthy because of its counterparts being healthy. Also, the built of this dog’s breed is strong and sturdy. Moreover, this breed won’t have any major health issues during its lifetime, which is a good thing if you are looking for a dog that you can spend your rest of the life with.

Breeders take care of the hasky and Shiba Inu before breeding. A medical checkup is necessary to see if both the dogs are healthy for breeding as an unhealthy parent can result in unhealthy offspring with health issues. There are some issues that are common in both the breeds such as cataract or glaucoma. So if the breeder is responsible enough, then he or she will check it before mix breeding so that the Shiba Inu Husky mix can come out to be healthy and free of any medical issues.


Since both Siberian husky and Shiba Inu are considered as one of the most energetic breeds of dogs, it is pretty obvious that their mix will also be very energetic. Apart from being energetic, they can be easily trained and they are very loyal and obedient towards their owners. But one must make sure that he or she must not become strict with these breeds and so with their mix as it can cause the breeds to become aggressive or even depressed. If you want to train them, just be a little more consistent and also give them time to adapt.

There is one contrast in the nature of husky and Shiba Inu. A Siberian husky craves for human attention and does not want to leave its owner whereas on the other hand a Shiba Inu most likely prefers its own company and does not need much human attention. This contrast results in the breed to be choosy. Yes, only one of the traits is passed on to the mixed breed, making the trait dominant over the other. So there are possibilities that the mix might be like husky or like Shiba Inu depending on the dominance of the trait which can’t be predicted during breeding.

Physical Traits

When it comes to the body of the husky and Inu mix, we can say that the breed is pretty muscular and well-proportionate. The breed has erect ears with both fox and wolf-like facial looks. Apart from that, the breed is highly intelligent as compared to both the husky and Inu. The breed usually comes in two colors and that is black and white. Mainly a mix will have both of these colors on its body. This eighteen-inch dog can weight anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds and can live up to the age of 13 years and even more if taken care of.

Downsides of a Shiba Inu Husky Mix

A husky is a very curious dog, whereas the Shiba Inu is a far less curious dog. But both of them have one thing in common and that is their lack of affection. They both don’t show much affection to their owners and are very curious and hard to be contained in a specific area. That’s why it is important to keep them in a place with a fence as they can easily escape the house they live in if it is not protected.

This easily tells how the mix will turn out to be. That’s why it is said that only those people can pet these dogs who have the required temperament, patience and attitude to control this dog.

Apart from the downside, this dog can become a perfect member of your family. Also, the Hasky Inu mix will require a lot less food than both of its parents. A husky Inu mix processes the food very efficiently, making it one of the most low maintenance dog in the world.


  • I have a shins inu Siberian husky. I adopted her, beautiful great dog. Well behaved, doesn’t like everyone, but isn’t aggressive either.

    • Glad to hear that you have a shins inu Siberian husky. I would be glad if you send me a picture of her. So that I would share it in my social channels on the behalf of your name.

  • My Shiva Husky lived for 16 years he was the worse and the best dog I have ever had. He hated when I had to board him when on vacation and let me know it by fussing at me when I would pick him up from the vet. He also hated when the kids left for college, he would go to both their rooms come back to the living room lay down and sigh. He would actually say I Love You for a treat as well as shake and lay down. A few things you need to know, they love chickens as in dead in my yard. Second be prepared for their stubbornness, sometimes I would call him, he would look at me and walk down the driveway. Last if an animal makes a move towards him, you had better get him quick it did not matter about the size of the other he was going to protect his property and his family. I have a full blood husky now but I do miss the shiba half. He had one blue eye and one brown. Scarred the heck out of me first time I shined a flash light in his eyes, the brown was green and the blue was red.

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