Saint Berdoodle (St Berpoo) : A Perfect Dog For Your Home

There is no denying the fact that Saint Berdoodle is the perfect dog that can be a part of anybody home easily. It is actually one of the most popular dogs. Usually, people adopt dogs for their family when they need a friend, a guard and someone who can teach their kids the importance of responsibility. If you are also looking for all these things, then this dog is right for you. But many people prefer to stick to the facts when it comes to introducing a new member to the family. This guide will tell you everything you want to know about the Saint Berdoodle.

Traits of Saint Berdoodle

Saint Berdoodle is actually a mix breed which came from the popular Saint Bernard and the poodle. As some may say, this is not a pedigree dog. The hybridization of this breed works in three different ways that are first gen, second gen, and third gen. The criteria that decide which Saint Berdoodle belongs to which gen is very easy. If the Saint Berdoodle belongs to the first generation, then it basically means that it surely came from the breeding of purebred poodle and Saint Bernard. Similarly, if the dog was born after the breeding of two Saint Berdoodle then it will be qualified to the second generation. And the third generation Saint Bernard is the byproduct of the Saint Berdoodle and either Saint Bernard and Poodle.

It is very likely that if the dog carries the best of both the breed’s genes, then it can also carry the worst of both genes. It can vary from dog to dog and there is nothing one can do about it. Also, if one wants a Saint Berdoodle then he or she should get it from a licensed dealer for more credibility.


It was found that this Saint Berdoodle breed originated in the virgin lands of the United States of America. It is believed that this dog came into existence in the late 19th century. It happened when Saint Bernard was approved and given a place in the American neurontin europe Kennel Club. AKC’s work is to track the lineage of different breeds of dogs.

During the late 19th century, poodle and Saint Bernard joined the American Kennel Club. It might sound shocking that poodle joined the club so late because the lineage of poodle dates back to early 17th century. And they were actually useful dogs because they were used in the military as they had their own significance which has obviously changed today.

Traits of Saint Bernard

The dog Saint Bernard actually got its name from the infamous alpine pass which is located in the alpine region. There the dog was more like a rescue dog used by the local monks who helped the lost travelers in the area in finding their way out. It is believed that the dog came into existence in Switzerland and is the result of cross-breeding between the alp dogs and mastiff dogs.

When it comes to the physical qualities of the dog then we can easily say that the dog needs a big room to live because of its massive size. The dog is very friendly and energetic just like every other dog. The dog needs a lot of love and attention, but not too much which is a good thing if you spend most of your time outside the house and can’t give much attention to the dog. We can say that this dog is perfect for any home with large rooms.

The virgin lands of the United States of America are the birthplace of Saint Berdoodle. During the late 18th century, the Saint Bernard breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club. The poodle, on the other hand, dates back to the 17th century.

Traits of Poodle

Known to have originated on the coast of Germany, this dog was largely used by the hunters in their expeditions for duck hunting. They used to fetch the ducks shot by the hunters from the water as they are known to be very good swimmers. Later, when bred by the French, the dog became a poodle as we know today. The poodle is a family dog and is considered loyal. Apart from being loyal, the poodle is also known for its intelligence and high IQ. Also, this breed can be easily identified by their funny physique and their cool nature. They enjoy solitude and don’t crave for much attention from their owners.

Facts about Saint Berdoodle

It might sound appalling that this breed has not been registered in the American Kennel Club reason being its mix breed. AKC tends to register and approve only those dogs that are purebred. This dog might be popular among many dog lovers, but it is yet to be given a place in the AKC. But this doesn’t mean that this is not recognized by other clubs. Many other clubs such as designer dogs kennel club, Dog Registry of America, etc., have given this dog a place and also given an approval to this mix breed.

Saint Berdoodle is actually very loyal and loving dog. It needs attention all the time and actually gets depressed when neglected. Moreover, this dog is actually very protective towards the house and its owners and is ready to tackle the threat all the time, which might become an inconvenience when you have guests at home as the dog does not trust everyone that easily. Putting these things aside, this dog is actually very intelligent and learns things very fast. Also, it is a highly energetic dog and it is necessary to spend that energy somewhere constructive.

Saint Berdoodle can live up to twelve years of age, which is uncommon among dogs sharing the same physical traits. Moreover, if taken good care of these dogs can actually live long and happy life. During their lifetime, all they need is love, care and a lot of attention.

When talking about its appearance, we can say that the dog’s coat is inherited from Poodle and the size is inherited from Saint Bernard because of the dominance of these traits in the dogs. Moreover, the dog is strong and powerful and looks amazing in its own way.

The most important factor that most people consider before getting a dog is the dog’s health. In case of this dog, there are as such no health issues that one needs to be concerned about. But there are some cases when the dog may show some symptoms of skin problems, wobbler syndrome, Will brand’s disease and bloating. But this happens in extreme cases of breeding in an unhealthy environment and most of them can be treated easily


At the end, we can easily say that Saint Berdoodle can become a perfect member of your home. All it needs is love and affection and a little bit of exercise every day. But there are things that you should take into consideration before getting one. If you are going to buy a Saint Berdoodle then you better buy it from a licensed dealer as we mentioned before because there are many scammers who can fool you into buying something you probably don’t want just for money. Also, make sure that the members of your family are perfectly fine with a big size dog in the house.