A Complete List of the Best Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Ah yes, you’ve got to love your furry best friends. All of the snuggles, love, and loyalty that they show you are truly priceless.

But, you do not have to love that bit of fur that you see floating around in your coffee mug. Or, the piles and piles of fur that stay stuck to the bottom of your socks or couch cushions no matter how many times you vacuum.

No, those unwelcomed magnets of fluff have to go!

Do you suffer from fur allergies? Are you currently looking for a new family member that won’t shed enough fur to make an entirely new coat for the next-door neighbor’s dog?

If so, keep reading to find out a few of the dog breeds that don’t shed.

The Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

  1. Bichon Frise

If you could describe the lovable Betty White as a dog breed it would most likely be a Bichon Frise.

These powdery-puff balls of joy come in the following four breeds:

  • The Bichon Bolognese
  • The Bichon Tenerife
  • The Bichon Havanese
  • The Bichon Maltese

The Bichon Frise is another name for the most popular Bichon breed-the Bichon Tenerife. They’re known to be curious, playful, lapdogs.

  1. Presa Canario 

The Presa Canario would make a great family pet choice. This breed is most popularly known to be a guard dog due to their size and strength.

But what most dog shoppers don’t know, is that this breed tends to have an awesome relationship with water. They’re typically very great swimmers and are said to have come from the Canary Islands.

They’re stubborn yet gentle.

  1. Toy Poodle 

Toy Poodles are very popular amongst the breeds referred to as “the ankle biters”.

One of their most popular traits is their curly poofy fur. Owners who love to dress their doggy loved ones in hair bows and frilly outfits adore the toy poodle.

This breed is extremely intelligent and obedient.

  1. Bedlington Terrier

These charming little dogs are categorized under the small dog breed. They are not toy-sized like many dog shoppers think small dogs are supposed to be, but they are not large enough to be considered medium in size.

They look very similar to Poodles depending on how they’re groomed.

Owners fall in love with the Bedlington Terrier for their affectionate, faithful ways.

  1. Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog got its name from performing various water activities such as herding fish into fisherman’s nets.

Here’s a fun fact: President Barack Obama’s family owns two Portuguese water dogs by the name of Bo and Sunny.

These curly-haired cuties are known to be quarrelsome and brave.

Are You Ready to Find Your New Family Member?

Okay, so this isn’t really a complete list of the dog breeds that don’t shed.

With a quick google search, you will find that there are over 200 breeds that are considered hypoallergenic in nature–more than we have room for in this post.

Whilst there isn’t a breed that is one-hundred percent hypoallergenic, these are some of the ones that shouldn’t give you many issues.

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