Preparing Your Dog Pet for A Road Trip

Summer is always one of the best periods to go on a road trip and just have fun with family, friends, and pets. Just like one takes time to put their stuff together when going on a road trip, there are also certain things to consider to ensure and as well enjoy a dog-friendly vacation for everyone. Here are some things to take into consideration before going on a road trip with a dog pet.

Do your research

Anyone who wants to go on successful road trips with their dog pets has to do some underground work before getting behind the wheels. This includes doing research about the road and looks for pet-friendly accommodations and activities that will be carried out in the course of the journey. This will help in ensuring the dog has a great time while on the trip since they will be living in a comfortable environment.

Call the hotel to find out if they accept pets the same as the restaurants and other attraction sites before embarking on the journey with the pet. Learning more about where one is going to will make the journey easier. Equally, try to check on vet offices along the road, so if the need arises while on the trip, it will be easy to find help.

Pack the essentials

This is another area that dog owners need to pay extra attention to when preparing for a road trip with their pets. It is essential to pack all their vital and immediate needs including their dog supplies and food from online dog food NZ. Make sure to bring along the pet’s food, water, and vet record.

Also, remember to pack their toys and snacks to keep them busy during the drive. Also have their ID tags on them including the owner’s phone number, current address, and even the dog owner’s name.

So, what essentials you need to make sure to pack before you hit the road?

  • Folding dog travel bowls for food and water
  • Dog food from online food NZ.
  • Water
  • Present or recent veterinary records (including general health and vaccination records)
  • Dog first aid kit
  • Collar or dog harness
  • Leash
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Dog poop bags
  • Crate or carrier for your dog
  • Dog ID tags with your contact information
  • Car seat cover
  • Car barrier

Get Your Dog Ready

Once the location and accommodation have been settled, the next thing to do is to ensure than the dog pet is fully prepared for the road trip which implies proper training. Try training the pet to get used to its kennel so it will be comfortable during the journey, this will make the experience less stressful. Take a pretty big kennel size that will let the pet stand, sit down, lie comfortably, or turn around freely. While trying to make sure the dog is comfortable in the car, also ensure that it will be comfortable making several stops along the way even in noisy or busy environments.


Taking a dog pet on a road trip requires lots of time to put some of the essential kinds of stuff they will need during the trip. Taking along all their essential things and finding accommodation and locations that accept pets will help to make their journey and stay fun and comfortable.