How to Create a Cat-Friendly Home

Cats are the type of animals that prefer solitude rather than being with a large group of people. Your cat might act all cool and shows how it loves being alone, but the fact is that it is totally dependent on you and loves you in its own way. So why not make an environment where you can live with your cat happily.

A cat’s behavior generally depends on how you treat them and what kind of living environment you provide them. If the environment is very boring and has a negative feel to it, then the cat tends to be less interactive and on the other hand, if you provide a friendly environment, a cat’s interaction with humans increases.

In the past, cats were treated as royalties which changed over time. But they have still got that trait left in them. So, given below are some ways in which you can make your home cat-friendly in the best way possible.

1. More shelves

Cats love to climb on shelves and sit there for hours watching around the house. This gives them a sense of protection. Also, the higher the shelves are the better. Also, there is a bag like attachment in the market that you can attach to your wall. These attachments work like a bed where cats can relax at a little altitude.

2. Hidden Litterbox

This one might sound a little weird, but yes, they do love a litter box which is away from anyone’s eyes. Just like humans, cats also like to do it alone where nobody can disturb them. So to respect their privacy and make them trust you, even more, try to install the litter box in solitude and also try to keep it a little higher from the ground.

3. Toys

Cats like to play and when their human isn’t around them, it is likely that they get bored. To save them from getting bored in the house, buy some toys for them. Also, remember that toys should have some kind of extensions like a chain of beads or something similar. Just make sure that they don’t ingest anything.

4. A hammock

Not only for humans, hammocks also come in size for a cat. You can easily find a hammock for your cat which you can easily attach anywhere in your home. Like you can attach it to your refrigerator or you can attach it to a wall. The best place to attach a hammock is usually a window. Cats love to see out of the window. So attach the hammock on the window so that your cat can enjoy the view of outside.

5. Safety

Safety is the issue for many cats living in a house. This might sound like weird, but the cats actually feel unsafe and insecure if there are too many stray cats or dogs around the house. They feel like their territory is intruded by other animals. In such case, try to keep your cat away from the other animals and also keep them in a room that is high which gives them a sense of safety from other animals.

6. Playtime

When we say always, then it means always give time to your cat. No matter how busy you are, always take out some time to play with them every day. These are energetic animals and their energy should be consumed somewhere or else they start to get irritated and angry all the time and their behavior and health may get affected. So play with them every day. Playing with them will make you closer than ever.