Exporting Pets from Singapore – The Essential Guidelines to Keep Handy

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Are you planning to relocate overseas? And do you have a pet? If you’ve answered yes for both the questions, you need to get concerned about exporting your pets. It’s essential to decide, if you want to leave your pet dog back at home with your family or bring it along with you. Any decision you take requires careful planning and thinking on your part.

The essential questions to address

If you decide to bring your pet along with you to another country, you need to go through a fewexpensive procedures. That aside, you have to address a couple of questions, such as:

  • For how long are you going?
  • Is this a permanent or temporary move?
  • Are you shifting overseas for one year or more/less than that?

If you’ve decided to carry your pet with you, you need to consider a few factors. For instance, is it possible to make your pet travel in the plane’s cargo bay or not? Just in case there’s a need for sedation, how do you think that your pet dog will respond? How can the quarantine impact your pet? To know more about this and get your solutions, you can check out www.shilohanimalex.com/pet-export-from-singapore.

A few essential steps

Once you’ve decided to export your pet, you need to cater to the following:

  1. Things to do before traveling overseas

Many countries look at the export and import of pets as a means to transmit disease. The common diseases in concern are Avian influenza and rabies. The latter is more prone to spread from dogs, so there’s a need for certified rabies vaccinations. It’s essential to get your pet’s blood tested to check if it has rabies. You also have to find out whether your pet needs to follow a lengthy quarantine after moving to the new place. It would be best if you checked the cost and the quarantine facilities, as it might be difficult for your dog to live without you for a long gap.

  1. The transportation process

You need to check the process in which a pet gets exported to a new location. Some airlines will allow your pet to travel in the plane’s cabin. For that, their cage needs to be small to fit comfortably. In case the cage is big, you need to opt-in for the checked baggage that, at times, increases health issues for your pet. It would be best if you customize a kennel or cage for your pet dog, keeping in mind this movement. Some airlines only permit to transport dogs. You need to add pet toys and clothes in the kennel or cage so that your per feels familiar and doesn’t feel disturbed. Sedation is not essential or recommended in normal circumstances. However, if required, you need to opt-in for it.

  1. Managing the cost

Exporting your pet from one place to the other has its cost. You need to join hands with a service provider that can arrange for you the best pet export solutions within your budget. That way, you can pay only for the things that are essential and add to your savings.

These are the three essential concerns you should address before you decide to export your pet. Also, make sure to consult the veterinary doctor before you move for any guidance that you need.