Organic dog treats are safe and effective for your pet

Despite knowing that CBD is good for humans as well as pets, the question that many pet-lovers must face is whether the CBD for pets is the same as that for humans. Since the source of CBD is the cannabis or hemp plant that caters to both humans and animals, there is no differentiation in the properties of the compound, which even has the same effects on humans and animals. Therefore, the hemp oil that you buy for your consumption can be safely given to your pets, cats, or dogs, and will have the same effects as that of hemp oil for pets. It means that you can share your CBD oil with your pet because there is no fear of your pet getting stoned as CBD is non-psychoactive while the benefits are the same as that you enjoy from the organic healer.

How to use human CBD oil on dogs

Although you need not worry at all in offering your own CBD oil to your dog, you must take care of some aspects to ensure that it is entirely safe for your pets. Visit this Woahstork page and learn more about CBD dog treats. Since it is not worth experimenting with the organic strain of the cannabis plant on your dog, it is better to be safe than sorry. After all, you would never like to expose your pet to any unintended danger.

Although CBD contains the least amount of THC mainly when obtained from the hemp plant, make sure that the CBD oil for dogs does not contain more than 0.3% THC. If you are a resident of Europe, the limit of THC recommended for dogs is 0.2%.

Fixing the right dose is important, and you can consult your veterinarian to decide what will be right for your dog. But if you want to decide on your own, then apply a dose slightly less than that mentioned on the label.

Consulting your vet is mandatory if your pet has any underlying health conditions.

Why is human CBD good for pets?

That pets are the best companions of humans is an apparent reason for both sharing the same CBD, but the scientific basis is that CBD acts in the same way on humans and animals, which allows sharing human CBD with pets. Most animals, including many primitive animals, have endocannabinoid systems just like humans.  Animals, too, have cannabinoid receptors just like humans. However, the processing of CBD in animals happens differently than in humans, and research is still going on. Regardless of the way CBD acts on animals, it offers the same benefits as humans – reduces pain and inflammation, and stress and anxiety.

When buying CBD, whether for you or your pet, note the label claim to ensure that THC content is not more than 0.3% to ensure that it does not have any psychoactive properties. To ensure that the THC content is low, look for CBD obtained from the hemp plant, which has the lowest THC concentration. Moreover, the THC’s amount determines its legality because anything exceeding the specified limit is illegal in many states.