Feline Cat & Kitten Parent’s Shopping Tips

Cat & Kitten

Soon upon deciding to adopt a cat start shopping for some essentials to set up a comfortable home for your pet where it can stay at ease and quickly adjust to the new environment. Only after the house is ready to welcome the cat, go to the shelter to bring the feline home can to become a part of your family.

A carrier or crate is the top item for shopping from CatLoversGlee.com, followed by some more things mentioned in this article.

Cat carrier

Although you might be eager to carry the kitten in your lap to show your affection, it is better to allow some liberty to the animal by placing it in a cat carrier where it can be on its own.  Most preferred is a top-loading cat carrier as you can open it from the top, pick up the cat and quickly place it inside. Also, it is better than a carrier with a door and trying to coax the cat to make its way inside as it might not be easy to lure the cat inside.

Litter boxes

Setting up a home for your cat must include litter boxes which are the lavatories that help to maintain a clean house. The number of litter boxes depends on the number of cats you have and how you want to arrange the things at home. Ideally, one litter box per cat plus an extra one should be fine.  It means that if you have three cats, then you must have three litter boxes. Instead of buying an open litter tray that you would typically come across, buy a large plastic tub and cut out a gateway for the cat.  The deep bin keeps the litter inside even when the cat is flinging around when burying the poop.

Food and water bowls

Buy some food and water bowls and place them at some distance apart as most cats would like it. The choice of bowl depends on the owner and his/her budget because it is better to buy a water fountain bowl that costs slightly more. As cats are used to drinking flowing water in the streams when roaming in the wild, the close resemblance of the fountain bowl with natural water streams will attract the cat to it.

Scratchers, toys, and cat trees

Cats are fond of perching on trees and watch the world below. Buy cat trees that are tall enough and sturdy. As cats scratch anything, buy some scratchers to allow the pet to satisfy its urge for scratching.  Place these around the areas that the cat mostly roams around. Get some catnip toys, teasers, and balls to play with the cat.

Cat beds

As cats like to stay surrounded when they sleep, select an enclosed cat bed that makes it feel comfortable and cozy while serving as a good place for hiding.  Consider your cat’s behavior in choosing the bed because it might be that the feline would prefer a cardboard box over a soft, fluffy bed.

Fit a collar to the cat for its safety and get some choicest cat foods to complete the shopping list.