Ferret Food: 7 Best ferret food You Can Buy in 2020 From Amazon UK

best ferret food

If you are looking for the best ferret food then you have come to the right place. Having a ferret as a pet is a delight. They are intelligent, smart, and easy to train and they are very responsive towards human gestures.

Now, the thing with ferrets is that you can’t just feed them any food. They have a high metabolism which makes it important to feed them with a surplus amount of food at higher intervals. 

But the question is what can you feed your ferret. Well, this is exactly what we are going to answer through this article. We will tell you about the seven best ferret foods that you can buy right now for your ferret and how they can help in the growth of your pet.

But before showing you the list of ferret foods, let us tell you about some of the things that you should consider before getting the ferret food. 

Advantages of Best ferret food:

1. With the best ferret food, you have better control over what kind of food and ingredients you are feeding.

2. You can easily choose the high-quality fats and proteins to feed your ferret.

3. It helps in providing them with a whole meat diet.

4. A whole prey diet provides a well-balanced diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

5. When the raw diet is carefully formulated, it helps in providing the same amount of nutrition as mentioned above.

6. A natural diet for ferrets is high in moisture. Now, this is something that is considered beneficial. So, the best ferret food should also contain the same amount of moisture.

7. The whole prey diet of ferrets which is considered well-balanced is something that is closely related to the diet of wild ancestors of domestic ferrets.

8. Raw meat diet, whole prey diet, and bones help in promoting the dental health of ferrets.

9. Those ferrets switching to raw meat diet show a better energy level and strength. They show signs of better health, better teeth, and healthy fur.

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How I Selected the 7 best ferret food:  

While selecting the 7 best ferret foods, several factors had to be kept in mind. Some of those factors are given below. 


While feeding your ferret with anything, the first thing that needs to be considered is the safety. One needs to make sure if the food is safe for your pet. In the case of ferrets, a safe food product is something that consists of chicken or lamb or egg protein. 

They are born carnivores and one can not feed them plant proteins or vegetables. So, avoid that in every case as it has been proven poisonous. So try to keep away from vegetables especially hard ones like carrots. 


Now when it comes to ferret foods, there are different kinds. The majority are raw meat-based food products that are dried. Dry food is good for ferrets who are over 12 weeks old as it is better for them and helps in keeping their teeth clean. Apart from that, dry food is more crunchy which is more suitable for ferrets. 

Then there is the wet food. Wet food is usually for baby ferrets who are younger than 12 weeks. This is easier for them to eat. Usually, wet food is avoided for older ferrets as they find it easy to eat as well as digest.  


Best ferret food is supposed to be convenient than regular food. When you provide ferret with such food, you are better able to track the nutrition level, protein, and fat.

This helps you in creating the right eating routine that they can follow. Since ferrets eat more than 4 times a day, feeding them with regular food or food that you eat can make it difficult to track if it is getting the right nutrition or not with every meal.

And the best part is, you can easily find the best ferret food in the market for an affordable price. 


7 Best Ferret Food You Can Buy in 2020 From Amazon UK


Ferret Dry Food from James Wellbeloved

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best ferret food

This first dry ferret food is from James Wellbeloved. This is one of those products that are widely loved by the ferrets. Also, it is something that is recommended by experts from all over. Unlike regular food, this food for ferrets comes with its own sets of benefits which will make you consider buying this product even more.

For starters, this dry food is way healthier than your regular raw chicks or smell of cat. Moreover, this food promotes a firmer stool in your ferret. 

So, you can go for this ferret food to feed your ferret with the best. And the best part is that it does not have any artificial flavoring or preservatives that might cause sickness in your ferret. 

Another advantage of feeding your ferret with this dry food is that it stays fresh for longer. Unlike meat that can go bad faster, you can put this in the bowl and it will last longer without turning bad. 

Moreover, the food is made in a star shape and contains turkey meat, turkey fat, ground whole wheat, fish meal, natural potato protein, turkey gravy, sugar beet pulp, vitamins, and minerals, full-fat linseed, manno-oligosaccharides, antioxidants (preservatives), yucca extract, and natural Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Overall, it’s an amazing product available on Amazon that you can use to feed a ferret.

It is tasty, it is healthy and it does not contain any added chemicals. So, if you are looking for the best ferret food then you can go for this one from James Wellbeloved. It is better than most of the ferret food products out there and far better than feeding it regular food. 


  1. It is way healthier than the raw chick
  2. It promotes firmer  stool
  3. It does not contain any added chemicals
  4. It is easily available


  1. The cost might be a bit unreasonable
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Chicken and Liver Treats for Ferrets by SIPW

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best ferret food

This 50g bag of Ferret food by SIPW consists of Liver treats and natural chicken treats. It is another great product that is easily available online and can help you get your ferret healthy.

Unlike regular ferret treats, this is a new form of natural eats that you can feed your ferret. This transformed product is much more delicious that can attract the ferret towards eating it. 

The fact about ferret food is that you need to be careful with what you are feeding them with. 

The food should be rich in vitamins that are needed for their growth and provide them with everything to keep them energized. This is why you can’t rely on just any food. The food should be rich in fats as well as oils that support them and provide them with daily nutrition.

So, you would be glad to know that these treats are amazing for them. They contain fats with taurine and they are rich in oils that your ferret needs. On top of that, there’s no added sugar which means you are not feeding anything bad to your pet. 

The best part about these treats is that they are specially formulated to be superior palatability. So, if you are looking for the best food for your ferret then you should go for it.

It has everything that your ferret needs and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The treats can be very easily ordered online from websites like Amazon. Trust us, your ferret will love these treats. 


  1. These treats are very delicious 
  2. They are made up of real meat
  3. They are rich in oils
  4. They contain fats with Taurine
  5. They are best suited for ferrets for all ages
  6. They are affordable


  1. No such cons at this price
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2.5 kg Complete Ferret Food by Versele

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best ferret food

This ferret food is from Versele. It is a completely tasty meal that your pet will enjoy. It is made up of 100% extruded pellets that are light on your pet’s stomach. This is not just any ferret food. It is something that is specially made to provide everything that your ferret needs to sustain the energy for the day.

Every single pellet of this ferret food contains a balanced combo of ingredients. Those combos are enriched with minerals, vitamins, proteins, and amino acids that help with your ferret’s growth and keep them healthy. This is a perfect meal that can be given to your pet. 

Also, you would be glad to know that this food contains 90% animal proteins along with fats that completely come from animal origin. So, you don’t need to worry about the food being any less than a meal for your ferret.

Now, another thing about feeding your ferret with chicken is that it is easy to digest and can provide it with essential amino acids at a high level. This is why this ferret food contains more than 40% chicken. This way, your ferret can get the required amino acid to build strength. 

The meal also contains taurine. This is usually found in animal products and contains sulfurous amino acid. This compound is very essential for the heart muscles to function. So, you must consider giving this food to your ferret. In short, if you are looking for a wholesome meal for your ferret, this is the one. 


  1. 100% extruded pellets that are light on the stomach
  2. Provides a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals
  3. Contains 40% chicken
  4. Made of 90% animal proteins
  5. It is gluten-free


  1. May contain some amount of plant protein
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Wet Food for Ferrets by Greenwoods

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best ferret food

Containing low-fat chicken meat, this is a wet food for ferrets by Greenwoods. Made from delicious chicken, this is an easy-to-digest meal that will help your ferret in getting a protein-rich diet. This is one of the best ferret foods available out there and you can give this wholesome meal for your ferret’s growth. 

This meal comes as whole chicken hearts. Also, it is made up of high-quality meat. Apart from that, it is an amazing alternative to other regular wet food that you give to your ferret. 

Moreover, this one also contains the right amount of taurine. As mentioned before, Taurine contains a surplus amount of amino acid that is required for the ferrets. Since they need plenty of it, this food from Greenwoods provides ferrets with taurine that they need. 

Another great thing about this product is its ingredient declaration. The list of ingredients used in this product is what makes it so much reliable. It is a true declaration of the ingredients that this ferret food contains. Everything from the ingredient name to the quantity.

Apart from that, there are no artificial flavoring used or any preservatives or added color. On top of that, this product is sugar-free. 

So, if you are thinking of giving good wet food to your ferret then you can consider giving this to your beloved pet. It is nutritious, healthy, and wholesome for ferrets and better than a lot of wet food available out there. 


  1. The chicken used is low in fat
  2. It is delicious
  3. This wet food is protein-rich 
  4. It contains the right amount of taurine
  5. Does not contain any artificial flavoring
  6. There are no added preservatives and colors


  1. Wet food is sometimes not considered the best for the ferrets
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Chicken and Liver Bites by Natural Eats

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best ferret food

These chicken and liver bites from Natural eats are another amazing food product for your ferret that you can consider buying. These are a bit similar to the chicken and liver bits that we mentioned before from SIPW. 

There are plenty of similar products in the market but the thing with this one is that it is from natural eats which is a reliable brand. They provide food that can be consumed safely by your pet. Now, these chicken and liver bites from natural eats are tasty and delicious. Moreover, the food contains real meat. So, you can rely on it for credibility. 

Also, the best part about these treats is that they are rich in fats and oils that are needed for the growth of your ferrets. One of the most important components that are required for ferrets is taurine. Taurine provides the required amount of amino acid that is needed by ferrets.  

These treats are formulated especially for ferrets so that they fall in love with it. These are among many great products out there that you can feed your ferret. So, if you are looking for the best ferret food then you can go for these chicken and liver bites from Natural Eats. It is easily available on the internet and it’s not very expensive. 


  1. It’s made of all real ingredients
  2. It contains taurine and has plenty of amino-acid
  3. These bites are rich in oils and fats
  4. These bites are specially formulated 
  5. These bites are delicious with superior palatability


  1. No such cons at this price


Premium Ferret Diet by Marshall Pet Products

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best ferret food

These premium ferret diet from Marshall pet products is another great product that one can go for. This ferret food is not just available in your nearest stores but it is available worldwide. 

The marshall family has taken care of ferrets since 1939. This is the reason why the food is of top quality so that the ferrets can be raised in such a way. It contains a perfect blend of fresh meat protein, and high-quality natural fats to meet the needs of ferrets. 

It helps in supporting a ferret in each stage of its life. It also helps in providing a shiny coat in ferrets and helps in boosting their overall health. This way, this product ensures that the ferret will develop and grow the way it should. 

Here’s how to feed premium ferret food for young ferrets- 

  1. Mix warm freshwater of three parts and one part of Marshall diet
  2. Leave the mixture for at least 5 minutes
  3. You can add more marshall diet or you can add water for it to reach an oatmeal consistency

You can also add some dry diet to adjust them as they start reaching the age of 12-13 weeks. 

For adult and adolescent ferrets- 

Now that your ferret is an adult, you can start giving it a dry diet. So, you need to keep some dry diet and freshwater available at all times. 

This is one of the best products out there that you can give to your ferrets. So, if you are looking for the right product, go for it. This is a perfect product for the growth of your ferret. 


  1. It is available worldwide
  2. It is rich in fatty acids and omega 3 acid
  3. It provides the right amount of protein


  1. No cons at this price
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Premium Ferret Diet Food by ZuPreem

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best ferret food

This is another premium ferret diet food from ZuPreem. If you are looking for a wholesome meal then you can go for this food. It is made up of real egg and chicken protein. This makes it a pretty reliable food product as it is specially formulated to be the primary food for a ferret. 

This is something that can be fed to your ferret every day as a source of providing a nutritious diet. 

Now, one thing that we forgot to mention before is the ferrets’ unique digestive system. The ferrets have a digestive system that requires the right amount of animal fat along with protein.

This is required so that they can keep up with the active lifestyle and feel energized all the time. If their diet lacks such components then it can get really hard for them to grow as well as stay healthy. This is why this premium ferret is just perfect in terms of providing protein and fat. 

Not just that, it also contains all the everyday nutrition that a ferret needs. It is filled with important nutritions, crude protein, crude fiber, moisture, and taurine. Moreover, it is made in the USA. It tastes great, provides balanced nutrition and it is very easy to digest. 

If you want to ensure that your ferret is getting high-quality food for a healthy and long life then you can go for this product. This is readily available on Amazon and you should get this for your pet ferret. 


  1. It contains real chicken and egg proteins
  2. It is a wholesome chicken meal
  3. It has surplus taurine
  4. It is also easy to digest 
  5. It is high in animal fat
  6. It ensures a long life and a healthy one too


  1. The taste isn’t the best
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Ferret Food 101: FAQ

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Where to buy ferret food in the UK?

If you are looking for ferret food in the UK then you can always go to your nearest pet food store. You can easily locate such stores through the internet. Just type ferret food store near me or in the UK then you will be able to locate such stores very easily where you can get it. 

But apart from that, you can always order online. The best place to do so is Amazon. There you can get ferret food easily at the right prices. There are plenty of products that you will find where you can also check reviews. 


What can you feed ferrets besides ferret food?

When it comes to feeding a ferret, there are some things you need to keep in mind. If you are not giving it ferret food then there are some things that you must be given to keep them healthy and fit all the time. For starters, chicken or lamb are the basic ingredients that are required.

Apart from that, you can give them cooked or raw beef. You can also feed them with scrambled eggs. Their body also requires egg protein so you can give it to them. Apart from that, you can give them small mice to eat. It can be found in pet stores as frozen food. 


What human food can ferrets eat?

You can indeed give human food to your ferret. Even though it is not always recommended, you can always give the right food but that too in moderation. This kind of food includes minced meat. The meat can be raw or cooked depending on your ferret.

You can also give meat-based food that you give to your baby. And lastly, you can feed your ferret with raw eggs or scrambled eggs. These are some foods that can be given to a ferret. Make sure that you avoid giving them vegetables as they can be poisonous. 


Can you over-feed a ferret?

Ferrets have an appetite that requires them to take in all the nutrition that is required for their growth. But just like every other being, eating too much can be troublesome for ferrets.

Yes, you can over-feed your ferret if you provide more than the prescribed amount of food to them. So, while feeding your ferret, make sure that you stick to the right amount of dosage even if they have a high metabolic rate. 


How often should ferrets be fed?

Ferrets have a very high metabolism along with a very short digestive tract. This means that rather than eating in large amounts, they need food in little quantities but more often. So, unlike a three-meal plan that we humans and our other pets follow, ferrets need to be fed at least 6-8 times every day.

Ferrets process their food more quickly than you can imagine. This can lead to hunger faster. So, make sure that you are providing them with the right amount of nutrition every time you feed them as their bodies need fat and animal protein to sustain. 


Can ferrets eat raw meat?

Ferrets are carnivores. This means that they need to be fed raw meat as it is the best option for them. They are known for eating their whole prey so feeding them with raw meat is not a bad idea. Moreover, ferrets are also known for eating kitten food.

Kitten food is high in protein content which is also what’s requires in the diet of ferrets. Ferret food itself contains meat protein which proves that meat is an essential part of ferrets’ diet. 

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Can ferrets eat raw chicken?

Yes, you can feed your ferret with raw chicken. The thing to remember is that for ferrets, dry food is their staple diet. They not only love crunchy food but it also helps in keeping their teeth clean.

Now, when it comes to feeding them chicken, you can feed them cooked as well as raw chicken. You can feed them that along with pellets.

The baby food containing chicken is also a great and widely acceptable choice as a ferret diet. So, if you are thinking of whether to feed them raw chicken or not, then we would say, “Go for it!.”



If you are looking for the best ferret food then you can go for the ones mentioned above. When it comes to feeding ferrets, you must know that they have a high metabolism which makes them digest their food faster.

So, if you want to keep them healthy and energized throughout the day then you need to give them small meals more frequently.

Moreover, you need to make sure that you are giving them a surplus amount of animal fats and protein as their digestive tract can not digest plant protein, and feeding them vegetables can be harmful. So, choose the right meat-based product for your ferret from the ones mentioned above.