Why A Fish Is A Great First Pet For A Kid

A fish may not seem like the ideal pet for a kid. They can’t be hugged or caressed. They can’t be taken for walks or trained to do tricks. A fish won’t ever be your kid’s best friend.

Yet, as a first pet, they are ideal for a number of reasons.

There are so many lessons to be learned when you have an aquarium and some fish. In fact, I learned a lesson about grieving for a pet as my first pet to die was my fish.

In this article, we will go over some of the reasons you should be considering a fish for your kids. And for the whole family, for that matter.

Low maintenance

When your kids are little, they can learn about how to care for a pet without it being too much of a responsibility.

A dog or a cat need so much more care that often it is the parent who does the bulk of the work. A fish is more passive to take care of and that is perfect for kids.

They learn to feed an animal and understand that the fish depend on them for food. It’s something they can do by themselves.

Cleaning the aquarium may take more work, but can usually be done together. Different types of fish have different needs, so make sure you know what you’re getting into beforehand. Sites like Aquarium Source have information about all kinds of fish and how to take care of them.

Sense of responsibility

Even though the fish is low maintenance, the big lesson is how to be responsible for the care of another being. They might not end up being lifelong fish and aquarium enthusiasts, but they do end up with a lifelong understanding of taking care of animals.

Though they can’t hug a fish they will learn to feel compassion for another living creature by feeding them on time and making sure the water is clean and healthy for the fish to thrive.

Nature up close

Having a dog is rewarding, but kids don’t learn much about nature from one. And aquarium is a microcosm of nature in action. It’s like having a window into the natural world in the comfort of home. It shows kids up close how animals behave in their own environment.

It also provides a direct lesson on what happens when humans don’t take care of the natural world and how quickly things can go bad when we are neglectful.

Aquarium therapy

Watching an aquarium with fish is very therapeutic. Kids can sit in front of a tank and watch and learn without the need for a TV or tablet distracting them. That time to unplug and tune out with some quiet time is essential for growing minds.

And that doesn’t just apply to kids. Having an aquarium is beneficial to everybody living in the house. Who can help but to stop and watch the fish frolic in their underwater world and destress?