How Long Can a Cat Go without Water?

If you are having a cat as a pet, then we assume that you love it and try to provide everything to it that can make it happy. Other than providing facilities, food and water are the basic things that a cat needs for survival.

But in case of cats, they usually can last a little longer than any other mammal because of their natural habitat. But still, they need water so that their body can perform functions that are needed for survival. Lack of water can cause kidney failure or infection and dehydration.

So the questions arise is for how long they can live without water. But before that, let’s discuss the main concern.

How much water is enough?

For doing everyday tasks, water and food are needed. It also helps in producing waste and eventually passes through the anus. Since a cat is a very energetic animal so it needs high calorie and protein intake. While playing or functioning throughout the day, a cat loses fluids through different means which needs to be replaced to keep the cat healthy and functioning.

So always remember the amount of water intake should be equal to the amount of food intake which means if you are giving a bowl full of food to your cat then also give a bowl full of water.

Also, if you are giving your cat canned food, then make sure that the food is not dry as dry food contains less amount of water which eventually lead to giving your cat more water. If your food contains enough water for the day, then your cat can function easily throughout the day with less water intake.

How long can it go without water?

No matter how hard we try to please our pets or show love and affection, there is always something we forget to do. There can be moments when we forget to take our cat out with us during vacation or accidentally lock it in a room, then what? In such case, they won’t be able to serve themselves food or water. This is every cat owner’s nightmare and also a dilemma that how long can their feline friend survive in such scenario.

There is a misconception amongst many people that cats can live up to a month without water, which is not true and also has become a reason of the death of many pet cats.

The reality is that if a cat has a continuous supply of water and there is no food, then it can easily live up to a month, but if there is no water then it can probably die within a week. Water is one of the most essential sources of life and without it, a cat or any other living being can’t survive.

It might sound shocking, but cats usually suffer a slow death due to dehydration. They start to lose muscle mass and have liver failure. The death is so painful that a cat might die of shock before it can die of dehydration. If a cat is locked in a house without water for more than a week, then the chances of it surviving are really low.

How to prevent such scenarios?

You can always prevent such kind of scenarios by taking some precautions. The first thing you can do is keeping a big bowl filled with water whenever you go out of the house so that your cat does not face any kind of inconvenience.

Also, make sure that your cat drinks enough water every day to tackle dehydration and live a healthy life.