11 Things You Must Know Before You Get a Teddy Bear Dog

The name itself makes it everybody’s choice. Because of being one of the most adorable dogs, the teddy bear dog comes under one of the most adopted dogs in the world. In the past few years with the spread of the internet, this breed has gained a lot of popularity. A lot of people have been adopting this breed without knowing about it and without knowing if this dog is compatible for their house or not. So we will discuss with you 11 facts that will tell you everything you need to know about this teddy bear dog.

1. Size

They do not look like what you might imagine. When we think about a teddy bear, a big cuddly soft toy comes to our mind that we can cuddle with all night. But this is not the case with this breed. These dogs are rather small in size around 8 to 12 inches. But they are still cuddly and soft and can easily become your best friend whom you can spend your time with. They weigh around 10-20 pounds. Their small size makes them adorable and attractive.

2. Needy

When it comes to love and affection, these dogs are very needy. They need your full attention when you are around them. It is almost like they are dependent on you for their happiness. They love to cuddle all the time. This might sound funny, but in reality, sometimes this can become too much. If you don’t give them attention, they can get depressed. They are not like other breeds of dogs. They need a lot more attention and love.

3. They don’t choose

Unlike cats, these dogs don’t have any favorites. All they need is love regardless of the fact who gives them. Now you don’t have to fight with your siblings over who the dog loves the most as this breed of dogs loves everyone equally and overly. Also, these dogs never really discriminate amongst the owners. If your friends have come to visit your house then they will most probably treat them the same way as they treat you.

4. Toys

These dogs love to play with toys. They prefer toys that can be easily chewed. When these dogs are really small, at that stage they tend to chew on everything they find. To avoid that you can buy them toys such as rubber bone or a soft toy that can easily fit in their mouth so that they can chew it all day long without getting bored or damaging other stuff in your home. Chewy toys are the best companions of these dogs.

5. Exercise

No matter whatever their height or weight is, their energy is same as that of a big size dog. These dogs love to play and exercise every day so that they can spend their energy somewhere. This helps in keeping them fit and healthy. Make sure you give them enough play time every day. Other than playing, don’t forget to take them out for walks every day. This makes your dog happy and helps in managing its behavior.

6. Potty Training

This department of this breed is not that advanced. This means that they don’t really learn where to pee and poop that easily. No matter how adorable they look, there is this reputation of this breed that they pee anywhere they want to. It is really hard to potty train them. Other breeds of dogs and even cats take very little time to learn to use a litter box, but this one is too cute to learn anything. With this breed, you have to be extra patient and give extra effort and one day you will be able to successfully train them.

7. Good with emotions

This dog might look all needy but it is actually very smart and can easily understand the emotions of its owner. These intelligent dogs were used as consultant and therapists for small children because of their adorable look. They are really good at providing comfort. If they feel that you are sad then they will take no time in jumping into your lap and trying to cheer your mood up. These dogs have a great personality. They don’t only ask for love, but they also give love to the one who spends time with them.

8. Strong

This teddy bear dog might be small in size, but its body is actually pretty solid. Many people try to be very careful around them as they think they will hurt them if they sit on them by mistake or squeeze them too hard while hugging but that is just not true. This breed is actually pretty solid. Their bones are softer than the other dogs which prevent breakage in case the external force is applied. They are even stronger than some big dogs out there. You can hug them as tight as you want and they won’t get hurt even a bit. That’s why they are used for therapies.

9. Super speed

These dogs might have small legs and body structure, but in reality, they are pretty fast. Due to high energy, they run really fast and can sometimes get out of your control. In such case, a retractable leash is recommended. If you are going out for a walk with them, then don’t forget to tie them with a retractable leash as they are really fast and can easily get lost if not taken care of.

10. No shedding

These dogs are perfect for those who get allergies from dog hair and dander as they don’t shed any. These dogs have hair that doesn’t shed and keeps you away from the trouble of cleaning hair from all around the house.

11. Health

There are some hereditary issues that a teddy bear dog may have to deal with such as dental illness, eye conditions, or kidney issues, but apart from that they are pretty healthy breed of dogs and can live as long as 15 years and even more if taken good care of.