How Much Should I Feed My Dog? A Helpful Guide

If you’re reading this, it means you have a hairy friend in your household and have a few questions. Feeding too little could result in a lack of nutrients, but feeding too much could lead to health problems. So, how much should I feed my dog?

The answer varies on the size, breed, and energy levels of your dog, as these are not the same. A Chihuahua will never have the same dietary needs as an Australian Shepard.

Check out this guide on the important things to know when feeding your dogs.

Importance of a Feeding Schedule

Many veterinarians recommend integrating a feeding schedule for your dogs into your routine. This way you can view it as something you got to do in the mornings and can keep track of. A feeding schedule allows you to know when your dog is eating, and how this is affecting their growth and overall health.

A schedule also eliminates the possibility of free-feeding or letting your dogs eat whenever they feel like it. It serves a reminder that your hairy friend ate in the morning and needs to eat again in the evening, and won’t starve or overdo it.

A feeding schedule is different for puppies than it is for older dogs, and it also changes regarding sizes. Consider consulting your veterinarian for a nutritional plan as your dog gets older.

What and How Much Can Puppies Eat

You just got a puppy and are wondering how much they should eat, and what they should be eating their first few months. Puppies are growing at a rapid speed, which means they should be fed more.

Their first month, puppies should be getting their nutrients from their mother’s milk and should slowly start transitioning to solid foods. Around their third month, they should be getting fed three to four times, depending on their size.

In regards to what solid foods you should feed them, puppies get their nutrients best from vegetables and fruits, as well as some oils. The best puppy food should be homemade, rather than store-bought.

Why? Store-brought food isn’t strictly regulated by the FDA, having only 25% of its ingredients be actual food. For this, feeding them naturally, homemade food ensures they’re receiving all the nutrients they need to grow happy and healthy.

How Much Can Adult Dogs Eat

Once your dog passes their puppy stage, you can reduce their feeding times to twice a day, but beware — they will try to use their adorable eyes to trick you into giving them a third serving. When they start begging, you can provide them a healthy snack or a treat.

The size of your dog will factor into the amount of the serving, as bigger breeds will require more food. You can use food calculators to help you determine how much your dog should be eating, according to their size/weight and breed.

You should consider feeding your older dogs homemade food, as well. This way you know what they are eating and are aware of all the ingredients going into their bodies. This will save you money, will give you peace of mind, and will give your beautiful dog the energy it seeks to run, bark, and love you all day long.

How Much Should I Feed My Dog

There you go! This was a helpful guide to answer your question: “how much should I feed my dog?” Hopefully, your other questions were answered as well. Since you did your research to ensure the best for your dog, why not go treat yourself (and your dog)?

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