Mountain Cur Dog Breed Information -Here’s What To Know

Before purchasing any dog, it is important to learn a bit about their history, main attributes and characteristics.  This will ultimately help you decide upon which dog breed best suites you and your life style. Below are all the key pieces of information you will need to know about the Mountain Cur breed.

What is a Mountain Cur Dog?

Mountain Cur’s are middle-sized dogs that are fully covered in short haired, rough coats. They usually grow to a maximum of 25 inches in height and weigh any where between 45-95 pounds.

Their coats are usually brindle, but can come out in black, brown or yellow colours. The dogs have quite large, wide heads and have been described to have an alert looking facial expression. Their necks are strong and they are renowned for their high hanging ears and long legs.

A Mountain Cur is a very easy dog to keep well groomed; due to their short, bobbly coats they do not require much attention at all.  Nevertheless, these dogs to shed twice yearly. So brushing their fur is important to ensure that it is clean and healthy.

They do not require very much bathing; in fact Mountain Cur’s have quite delicate skin meaning that if they are over bathed, their skin will dry out. Also their nails only require trimming once a month, this time can be even less depending on the terrain they are walked on.

They are considered to be active dogs, meaning that those potential owners that live in urban areas, or that are looking for apartment dogs, should steer clear of this breed. This is also prominent in their appearance, as they are slim and athletic.

They require a lot of space, walks and outdoor activities to keep healthy and happy. So are best suited to owners in rural areas, or who themselves are outdoorsy. Mountain Cur’s are the best companion for those interested with being outdoors, hunting or just exploring Mother Nature the best.

This breed is very easy to train, but have been known to be stubborn at first. It is important that their owner acts as the leader of the pack and stands their ground. This way the dog will know who to look to for orders and commands quickly.

Mountain Cur’s are dependable, hardy and a very obedient dog breed. They are very friendly dogs, but are also fearless and not afraid to fight or protect themselves, or their owner. They watch over their household well and can be quite suspicious or agitated around strangers, until they get to know them.

Key Traits of a Mountain Cur

  • Intelligent
  • Outdoorsy
  • Active
  • Working dogs
  • Courageous
  • Family pets
  • Protective

The history of a Mountain Cur Dog

As members of the Hound group, there are many different variants and mixes of Mountain Curs. All of them originated from the United States of America, specifically from Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. The Mountain Cur came over from Europe with settlers that resided in the mountains of these states.

They have a well- documented history of being guard dogs, hunters and mountaineers for over 200 years. Whilst their breeding became lessened in the 1940’s due to the many factors of World War 2, various individuals dedicated their lives to growing this depleted number of Mountain Cur’s. The Original Mountain Cur Breeders Association (OMCBA), formed in 1957, worked on getting their population numbers up to a healthy number once again and increasing the many varieties of Mountain Cur. These are known as the Ledbetter, Stephens, McConnell, York and Arline, to name a few.

What are Mountain Cur Dogs known for?

The mountain Cur is a working dog, bread specifically for treeing and trialling smaller sized game. Whilst they have been widely known to be used for hunting squirrel or racoons, they can also be used to bay big game like bears or wilds boars. They are considered a true-all American pioneer dog breed due to their protective nature.

They are working dogs, meaning they must be kept busy keep them happy and fulfilled. Due to this their job spec grew to protection, farm dogs and other busy working dog roles. The key is to keep the Mountain Cur busy and interested, otherwise they can grow anxious.

Closing Thoughts

Mountain Curs are great dogs with a very nice and humble temperament.  To survive, the dogs require a large space to explore and a job of work to keep them occupied, not matter how large or small. They are very loyal dogs, meaning they are great for protection and with a large range of family members, from the very young to the very old.

The Mountain Cur is not a city dog, it is best suited to an owner that is outdoorsy or works on the land. They are able to live with other dogs and small children and have no genetic issues with their health, making them a great dog for a family in the country.