Top 6 Christmas Gifts for a Pet Lover

With the autumn season upon us, it is time to start thinking ahead to the holidays that will be coming soon. If you have not started planning out gifts for your family and friends, now is a good time to start! In the case that your planned recipient is a pet lover, you are in luck! We will be discussing the top six Christmas gift ideas for a pet lover, so you may find one that catches your eye.

1. Paw Print Ornament Kit

It could be a great idea to give a gift that will create a precious keepsake for a pet owner. This kit comes with everything that you need to make ornaments out of your pet’s paw print. All the materials are non-toxic and safe to use on animals. The user will roll out the clay and press the pet’s paw right in the center. Then they will leave it to dry for a couple of days, and the final product will be a new ornament! This is a nice way for a pet owner to always keep their pets close to their hearts.

2. Custom Pet Art

Pet lovers take great pride in displaying their loyal companions for all to see. A way to encourage this would be to give them the gift of custom artwork. I Love Paws is an example of an online business that takes a regular picture and creates a beautiful, hand-painted portrait. They also offer services such as custom pet pillows and tote bags as well. All you have to do is obtain a clear photo of your friend or family member’s dog and submit it online. You will be able to select the color, size, and style of the artwork that you would like to purchase.

3. Pet Colouring Books

Colouring books are not only for children, as people of all ages can enjoy them. If you are not shopping for a child, there are specific books that will suit an adult. These books contain many intricate designs that can keep the mind peacefully occupied for hours. Colouring books are also known to relieve stress from the user. In addition to this, giving someone the chance to pick up a new hobby will be greatly appreciated. The fact that the designs are pet-themed will just be a bonus for whoever you end up giving the book to.

4. Pet Encyclopedias

You may not think that giving an encyclopedia would be a very thrilling gift. However, pet encyclopedias contain hundreds of pages of knowledge about animals of all kinds. Pet lovers will get a kick out of reading up on facts they had never even heard of. They might also gain valuable tips and tricks about caring for their pet that they will use in the future. You could get a generic encyclopedia about all pets or gets one that narrows in on a specific animal instead.

5. Paw-Shaped Pans

If your loved one celebrates their pet’s birthday, this could make a great gift for them. They will enjoy the fact that they can bake a cake shaped like a paw, and their pet will be sure to love it too! There are cake recipes that are safe for dogs to eat, which you could print off and include in the gift. The pan is also a great surprise if you have a child who loves pets and their birthday is coming up. Their cake will taste even sweeter because it reminds them of their furry friends.  

6. Cat Stroller

You may have heard your friends complain that having an indoor cat can be tricky when they want to explore the outdoors. Solve this issue by purchasing a cat stroller. Your friend will be able to take walks with their cat without having to worry about its safety. The cat will be securely tucked into the main compartment, with plenty of room to turn and look around. This gift will give the cat a sense of adventure and their owner a well-deserved peace of mind.