Having a pet dog can be really good for you! Learn How

It’s a fact that pet dogs are incredibly well loved. Most owners tend to think of their pet as a member of the family. In addition to treats and knick-knacks at the local dog wash, a lot of pet parents even get presents for their pet children on holidays and other special occasions!

Dogs are not just cuddly, and are more than our best companions — research shows that pet dogs bring real benefits to their owners – health and otherwise. Having a dog around can be entertaining and even lead to lower levels of stress for kids as well as adults.

It’s a two-way street with your steady best friend by your side bringing several benefits. We would like to throw in a few additional benefits that you may not have thought of. Find them below!

Stress Relief

Nothing beats coming home after a long and stressful day. Forget your family, who better to lovingly greet you than your pet dog? The moment you feel his soft fluffy fur, you can let go of your worries and feel yourself relax. Research has evidence that petting your dog can be a very effective form of stress relief and interaction with your pet can improve feelings of contentment and relaxation.

A talk with a loved one can be one of the most comforting, liberating things you can do. Who better than your loving pet to tell some of your deepest, darkest secrets? You’re sure to receive a warm slobbery lick instead of any judgment. Owning a pet dog can decrease your level of loneliness, especially if you live by yourself or are home alone often.

Research is even throwing up evidence that pet animals can help with improved mental health, especially for people with challenging disorders. The benefits are so impressive that medical facilities are incorporating pet therapy (or animal-assisted intervention) alongside conventional medicine.

Save on Gym Fees?!

Having a dog as pet could potentially result in saving quite a few dollars on gym classes and consequently medical bills – maybe even save your life. Depending on the breed, your pet dog might require a fair amount of exercise, and who’s around to exercise with? You! Dog owners, in general, happen to be more active than people who don’t own dogs, fitting in more steps per day with their regular walks or playtime.

Even the smallest of breeds need to be walked, and you can take larger dogs with you when you are off jogging, biking, hiking or even swimming! You will get tired out just by chasing them around the house! All this will have you lose weight, get in better shape and lower blood pressure and stress levels.

A companion for kids

It’s now pretty normal for major children’s hospitals to have an animal program of some sort. Having a pet dog is now associated with reduced childhood anxiety along with­­­­ other benefits including stimulating communication, enhancing self-esteem, improved relationships and a sense of responsibility.

So if you are having second thoughts when your kids’ pester you for a new puppy- you might better give in!

A Personal Security System

Your pet dogs may be actually very sweet and loving, but they can get very protective and aggressive if a stranger makes an intrusion. Your dogs can be a very effective home security system helping prevent home burglary and break-ins.

Not everyone would dare to enter a house that has barking dogs. Potential burglars are put off by dogs that are alert and are likely to create a ruckus waking up the residents and the whole neighborhood. A very effective alternative to expensive home security systems that cost thousands to install and come with high monthly fees.

A whole lot of fun

Dogs can be a lot of fun. The family as a whole and especially kids will be amused and occupied with pet dogs in the house. There are a lot of fun activities that you can indulge in just because you have a dog. Training dogs can be fun, challenging and a very much rewarding activity.

At the very least, you can take your pets on the weekends to the local park. It can be a family outing and a chance to meet up other families who have pet dogs.

Hope this will help you make up your mind about getting a pet dog of your own! Do let us know how it turned out for you in the comments below!


Mark Robards, Content Architect at iClean International, Netherlands.

Mark has been a pet lover since childhood and now are best friends (and roommates) with a great Dane, 2 labradors and a cocker spaniel. He has successfully incorporated his love for animals with work and is now the resident expert on all matters related to pet care at Iclean international.