Wood Pellets Horse Bedding: 2 Best Products for UK Horse Owners

If you are a horse owner then you would have definitely heard about wood pellets horse bedding. It is basically using wood pellets for making bedding for your horse. But not a lot of people are sure about buying it as there are so many different types of products available in the market that make it almost impossible to make the right choice.

But don’t be afraid, we are here to help you out. We will tell you everything you need to know about wood pellets.

All around the UK, horse owners are switching to wood pellets due to many reasons. Some find it more economical, some find it safer and for some, it is something that they can easily get. Now, why should you get these wood pellets?

There are a lot of convincing answers to that question. But before that, you should know whether it is safe for your horse or not. You’d be glad to know that while making horse bedding, only those wood pellets are used that won’t bring any harm to your horse.

This way you can ensure that you are actually getting a better deal. So, if you want to know more about wood pellets and know where to get them, we’d recommend you to continue reading.

Horse Bedding – Which Type Is Best For You?

When it comes to our beds, the most important thing that we look for is comfort and care. It is equally important for the animals. They also need comfort and proper rest with proper nutrition. CBD oil has many benefits for animals like horses, dogs, cats. Check out this link for more information. If our bed is unable to provide these things, then we usually get rid of it and try to get a better one. And it is not only with us, other animals like dogs, cats, horses etc. feel the same too. A fresh bedding can make a lot of difference when it comes to mood, health, and overall comfort. So, if you are looking for bedding material for your horse, then you can see the list given below:

  1. Straw

Straw is one of the most popular and affordable options for horse bedding in the UK. Straw is made of crops like wheat, oats etc. Even though it is a good absorbent, there are still some downsides of using it like it has storage issues and it is very hard to muck out the straw.

  1. Wood shaving

Wood shaving is another good material for bedding. Wood shaving can be a great absorbent but it raises the risk of sawdust.

  1. Wood pellets

Wood pellets are popular and better than most bedding materials. It is convenient and twice as absorbent as wood shaving.

Advantages of wood pellets horse bedding:

  1. They are easy to use
  2. They are soft and dry
  3. The pellets actually make an amazing firm base
  4. The wood pellets are highly absorbent
  5. They are affordable
  6. They are good for a horse’s overall health
  7. They are very easy to store
  8. They are very easy to clean

Where to buy wood pellets for horse bedding?

If you are looking forward to buy wood pellets for horse bedding, then your search ends here. Wood pellet beddings can be easily found in your nearest pet stores. You might have to put some effort if your nearest stores don’t have the pellets, but if you live in the UK then you will definitely find a lot of stores who deal with the wood pellets for horse bedding. Another place is Amazon. For people living in the UK, Amazon is a great place for buying wood pellets for horse beddings. You can actually find amazing offers online and you won’t even have to go out.

How I selected the 2 best wood pellets horse bedding:

Selecting the best wood pellet horse bedding is based on a lot of factors. Some of those factors are given below:-

Safety: Just like any other product in the market, horse bedding is also made up of certain material that contains chemical of some kind. So, it is important to ensure that the bedding you are using contains no such chemical that can harm your pet horse in any way.

Types: When it comes to variety then you can say that horse beddings can actually have different types. Now, we particularly chose these wood pellets because they are better absorbent and a safer option. Moreover, in the UK it is easy to get wood pellets horse bedding on websites like Amazon.

Convenience: Convenience is another factor that we had to keep in mind. Now, there is no doubt that wood pellets beddings are far more convenient than the traditional options. This gives an idea about how important these wood pellets are.

2 Best wood pellets horse bedding

Premium horse bedding pellets Half Pallet

wood pellets horse bedding


This premium horse bedding from ecowood pellets is one of the most amazing products that you can get. It consists of 15 kg bags. The bags consist of 6mm wood pellets that are premium quality. This way you can be assured that you are getting the best deal. And for those living in the UK, this product can be convenient too because you can get it delivered for free to you.

The free delivery is applied in mainland UK only, excluding the inner London and Scotland. If we talk about its quality then we can say that it is made up of 100% softwood which comes from a virgin raw material. Apart from all this, these wood pellets are FSC certified and are a supplier that is listed in BSL. This gives reassurance that the timber that is used in making these is coming from a renewable and legal resource. Moreover, these wood pellets are economical and environmentally friendly.

Now if you use these pellets then you’ll notice that these are highly absorbent and can soak urine in no time without leaving any bad odor. If you use this in your stable, you’ll be able to save a lot of your time which you usually spend on cleaning.

Blue Ribbon Premium Horse Bedding Pellets

wood pellets horse bedding

This premium quality bedding is something that every horse owner must own. It is not only considered as the best quality bedding but it is also the affordable one which makes it easy for owners to get quality product without burning a hole in their pocket. These pellets made of compressed wood are actually an amazing alternative to traditional horse bedding.

Now, with this product, you can be sure that your horse won’t feel any harm from these as this blue ribbon bedding is actually made up of virgin spruce. Since it is made of spruce, there are no additives in this and no hardwood is used. Also, there is no trace of recycled wood so it is perfectly safe to use these beddings for your horse. Unlike other bedding pellets, these pellets from blue ribbon are actually very affordable which makes it easy for anyone to buy a good quality product.

Overall, if you are looking for a product that can save you money and is actually a really good product then you should definitely consider buying this. It is a great absorbent and will help in quick soaking of water or urine. Also, you’ll be able to get rid of the smell.

How to use wood pellets as horse bedding

In order to form a bedding for your horse, follow the instructions given below.

To start the process, you need a bag of wood pellets, a pair of scissors and a bucket full of water. Now, spread the bag where your bedding needs to be. Now, use the scissors very carefully to cut the plastic in a cross shape. After doing that, tuck the flaps in the bag. Now, you’ll be able to see an opening. Fill that opening with water. Once the water is absorbed into pellets, pellets will expand to 4 times their size. Once it is done, dump the bag onto the place where your bedding should reside.

Are wood pellets a good choice for horse bedding?

The most common question that arises is that how good are these wood pellets. Now, to answer that, first, we’d like to tell you that these wood pellets are used all across the UK as horse bedding because of their convenience and amazing results. Now, you’ll be glad to know that it is a better alternative to shavings and straws. These wood pellets are very easy to lay and they provide an excellent support to your horse. Moreover, they are inexpensive, which makes it an even better choice for the customers. Also, when it comes to hygiene, these wood pellets are far more superior to their alternatives.


If you live in the UK and are looking forward to using wood pellets as horse bedding, then you should definitely go for it as it is safe and a great way to give your horse required amount of support. We can also conclude that these are better absorbent and can eliminate the foul odor. Moreover, if you are thinking to save money, then this can definitely become a great choice. Also, if you want to get the best products then you can check out the products that we have mentioned above. These products are one of the best and the safest ones available in the market. You can easily find these products on websites like Amazon.