5 Pet Friendly Places to Bring Your Dog in Phoenix Arizona

Dogs are a fantastic addition to a family. They serve as a perfect company inside your home and even outside.

Yes, even outside. But we’re not just talking about walks or taking them to a park. There are many quirky and happening places that accept dogs. After all, who doesn’t love dogs? 

This is especially the case in Phoenix, Arizona. If you’re a resident of Phoenix or simply visiting the area, then keep reading because here’s a list of the top 5 places for you to explore with your dog.

Top 5 pet-friendly places for your dog in Arizona 

  • Jet Pet Resort

If you have a busy date night and you’ll be leaving your dog alone for a while, you might want to bring them to a luxury dog resort!

Jet Pet Resort is a perfect boarding facility if you want your dog looked after for the day or when you’re away for multiple days at a time. The grounds are optimized for dogs, with plenty of room for play, local blend house food, toys, air conditioning, and round-the-clock security. Your dog will have a blast, and chances are, they won’t want to leave when you come to pick them up!

2/ The Main Ingredient Ale House & Cafe

Are you looking to spend the day or afternoon out of your house with your friends? Perhaps you’re worried about leaving your canine on their home for a long time at home. One great open space to meet up with great company is the Main Ingredient Ale House & Cafe

This is located in the Coronado neighborhood and has a cool vibe. But most importantly, they allow dogs and have a dog patio. Now, what more could you want, having tasty food, beer, wine, chilling with friends, your dog, and live music? It already sounds like a fantastic day out. 

3. Dutch Bros Coffee

If you’re out and looking to get your morning cup of Joe, then pay a visit to Dutch Bros Coffee. They are fantastic coffee franchises with locations all over the USA, one of which is in Phoenix. At this place, you’re bound to get a top-notch service and be greeted by warm and smiling employees.

What’s even more better than this is, of course, it’s dog friendly! They even cater to dogs and make cappuccinos. If you’re not familiar with a puppicino, it’s a cup full of whipped cream and a dog biscuit on top. How cool is that?

You can enjoy your own coffee while your dog has theirs. Now that is taking bonding to the next level.

4. Dolly Steamboat 

If you’re looking for a really unique activity to spice up your weekend, then why not go on a boat with your dog?

Yes, a BOAT. Dolly Steamboat is a river cruise that goes all the way across the picturesque Canyon Lake. You can book tickets online through their website. They offer a range of different cruises that involve sightseeing and dinner. This cruise has been operating since 1925 and allows dogs on the deck of some of its cruises. 

If you’re to go on this cruise with your canine, you’ll both be blessed by an abundance of wildlife from lots of waterfowl and birds. Your dog’s senses will trickle with excitement from the new surroundings while you will be entertained on the cruise. What we mean by this is that your captain will share legends and myths about the mountains surrounding the lake. Generally, the cruises last from 1.5-3 hours, depending on the one you pick. Not all the cruises may be dog friendly, so we recommended contacting Dolly Steamboat in advance before you book one.

5. Petsmart Dog Park at Washington Park

Walking your dog not only has benefits for them but for you too. One great way to get your daily step count in and socialize with other dog lovers is by visiting a park! The PETsMART dog park is over 2.65 acres with many entrances. 

It’s a park specifically for dogs with a water fountain and two dog water stations. It’s a secure park, too, with 6 foot fencing and even bins specifically for dog waste. This dog park is also free entry and perfect for a day out together with you, your dog, family, and friends. Take the experience up a notch and even bring a picnic!

Final thoughts

Phoenix Arizona, is full of amazing places to take your dogs. What we stated above is only a select few out of many. The truth is there’s an abundance of pet friendly places on your doorstep, such as brilliant parks, cafes, and bars. All it takes is a bit of research, and you will be presented with several options at your fingertips pretty quickly.

Before taking your dog out though we recommend making sure it’s fully vaccinated. If it’s not, your canine could be at risk of contracting diseases. Similarly, we recommend keeping your dog on a leash and collar in busy pet friendly areas. We often recommend using a leather collar to help support your dog’s neck when tied up, and they will feel more comfortable with this material.

Do you know of any more interesting pet friendly places in Phoenix, Arizona? Let us know in the comments down below. 


What parks can I bring my dog to in Phoenix, Arizona?

If you’re looking to bring your dog for a day out or just wanting to have some new scenery to exercise, then you have a lot of options. Here are just a few popular parks in Phoenix Arizona that are dog friendly: 

  • Cosmo Dog Park
  • Tempe Sports Complex Dog Park 
  • Steele India School Dog Park 
  • Grover Basin Dog Park
  • Horizon Dog Park
  • RJ Dog Park at Pecos Park
  • Hance Park Dog Park

What are the dog-friendly restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona? 

There are so many happening dog-friendly eateries in Phoenix, Arizona. To name a few, there’s:

  • Hula’s Modern Tiki
  • Duck and Decanter Camelback
  • Fez
  • 32 Shea