5 Alternative Solutions Your Pet Needs To Stay Balanced

No home is complete without a pet to help you stay happy. Many people in America are benefiting from the unknown benefits of having a cat, dog, or other animal in their home. Science has shown that families with pets in the home are 33% happier and more stable than those who aren’t experiencing a pet who loves them. Truly, these animals are a great way to keep your family balanced and well every day.

With these significant findings, it becomes apparent that many families also want to reciprocate these feelings of wellness by creating opportunities for their pets to stay just as balanced as they are making them. If you are someone who is constantly searching for new and exciting methods to keep your pet healthy and well, our experts have compiled a list of five alternative solutions your pets need to continually stay balanced, centered, and well through the duration of their stay at your home.

#1 – Exercise

One of the most crucial elements of health and wellness for your pet is to make sure it gets the required daily exercise. Surprisingly, 77% of pet owners do not reserve the time they need to ensure their pet is getting a regimen of healthy exercise daily. Just like humans, pets also need to stretch their legs and get out and do something.

Experts have surmised that you should take your pet for a walk or other strenuous exercise activity at least three times each week for thirty minutes each time. If your pet is currently trapped in the backyard, more than likely they are not getting the amount of exercise they need to stay fit and healthy. As you know, being fit and healthy is a key part to staying balanced in your pets life and this is a crucial strategy to having a pet who is stable. Without exercise, your pet has no way to release pent up energy. This can lead to unwanted behaviour down the road which can cause problems. Making sure your pet is getting their daily walk is important to putting them on the road to better balance.

#2 – CBD Oil for Pets

In 2018, the Farm Bill was passed making hemp products legal to distribute and consume. Since then, many Americans have discovered some amazing qualities of the hemp plant that have proved beneficial to their health. One of the primary compounds in this plant is an ingredient called CBD, or cannabidiol. CBD, along with hundreds of other compounds is a cannabinoid which activates on the endocannabinoid system and has been known to improve cognitive performance, lift mood, erase depression, aid in PTSD, pain, and much more. CBD has significant benefits to the human body and scientists have discovered that not only do humans have an endocannabinoid system, pets like dogs do as well.

Learning more about how CBD can benefit your pet is what the responsible pet owner should be doing. CBD has been known to help with many ailments in pets and humans alike and CBD is a great asset to your entire family. Visit this Megaedd page if you want to learn more about CBD and how it can impact your pets life.

#3 – High Quality Diet

One of the most important aspects of a healthy pet is the fuel they consume in their diet. As you already know, food is a great place to start if you want to begin a healthy, long life in your pet. The food they consume has many benefits like a healthy coat, skin, bright eyes, it strengthens the immune system, aids in digestive health, creates strong bones, joints, and muscles, and much more.

In other words, paying attention to what your pet eats is just as important as the daily walk you give them. A lot of pet owners simply feed their pet the cheapest food they can find. They don’t understand what is consistent with a high quality diet. First and foremost, a high quality diet can be different for every pet and this diet is determined by breed. Take some time to research the breed of your animal and what foods will benefit them the most. You may even want to consider making their food yourself at home. This will ensure you know exactly what they are getting in their daily diet. If you are unable to make the food yourself, make sure you stay away from foods that have lots of fillers and substitutes as these can harm your pet. All in all, pay attention to the food they eat, it can make quite a difference in your pets life.

#4 – Regular Vet Checkups

In order to keep your pet on a consistent balance which keeps them on the path of health and homeostasis, it’s crucial that you do not skip out on the veterinarian checkups when they come due. Your pet needs to stay up to date with all of their shots to ensure they won’t come down with a harmful disease or virus. When you bring your pet to the vet regularly, you can keep track of their overall health and understand where their health level is. In doing so, you are creating a baseline of health and happiness in which you can track.

Not only should you be scheduling regular checkups, it’s important that you do regular exams on your pet yourself twice a month. Check their nose, ears, eyes, gums, and teeth. Ensure their paws are healthy looking and, as we discussed earlier, pay attention to what they are eating. Sometimes you don’t need a vet to tell you when something is wrong. Pay attention to the little details and you will continue to have a pet that is balanced and happy.

#5 – Give Them Love

A television show on National Geographic called “The Dog Whisperer” is one of our favorites. The expert, Ceasar Milan, is someone who continually shares his wealth of knowledge about animals and it is clear that paying attention to your pet is a crucial aspect to their health and well-being. In one episode, a family noticed that their dog would always be moping around the backyard. The animal didn’t seem to be healthy as it just sat in the yard. Caesar noticed this and ask the family if they ever did anything with their dog. The family told him that every once in a while they would take him out. In the end, he discovered that their animal rarely got the love and affection the pet needed to live a happy and balanced life. Caesar ended up taking the dog to his dog ranch where the dog still lives today, happy and balanced.

Creating this happiness in your pet is not an accident. Make sure you are taking time out of your day every day to play, pet, or spend some quality time with your animal. While you may not think this is a big deal, to your pet this is exactly what they want. Love and affection allows you to bond with your pet and it builds their cognitive experience which is very healthy for them. Little things like this can lead to big results. We just need to ensure we are doing them daily.

A Happy Healthy Pet

Every pet owner wants to ensure their pet is healthy, happy and balanced. Many pet owners go overboard with this idea and purchase products they will never use and don’t even need. Others are on the other end of the spectrum and have no idea how their pet feels. What your pet needs is someone who is somewhere in the middle and plays an active role in their lives. When you do this, while applying these five alternative solutions, you will begin to see a consistently happy and balanced animal.