Cleanliness Is Next to Impossible? Top Tips to Help You Clean Up After Your Dog

help you clean up after your dog

There are plenty of benefits to owning a dog, including having a loving sidekick. Dogs also impact your health by lowering your risk of heart disease. They can even help to improve stress levels for their owners.

Yet, there is one major downside of having a four-legged family member in your home. Dogs can be dirty creatures. Their fur, dander, and bathroom habits can make it tough to keep your home clean.

So, how can dog owners keep a happier and healthier home? Read on for a few top tips to help clean up after your dog.

Create a Pet-Friendly Cleaning Routine

A weekly cleaning schedule is best for keeping floors clean with dogs. Start by sweeping and vacuuming up dog dander, dirt, and fur.

Then mop down hard surfaces to remove drool and marks from wet or dirty paws. The best mop for dog pee is a pet steam mop. You also want to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner.

Use the specialized upholstery vacuum attachment. This works to remove fur from furniture, curtains, and rugs. Using a wet pair of rubber gloves is a great trick for removing hair from furniture as well.

Be sure always to clean up any pet accidents right away. It’s crucial to use cleaning products that are safe for your pets.

Many cleaners contain harsh chemicals that your pet shouldn’t come into contact with.   Some cleaning agents use strong fragrances that may irritate your pet’s skin as well. Be sure to focus on non-toxic and natural ingredients instead.

Launder Your Linens 

A weekly laundry routine is critical for keeping a clean house with dogs. Wash throw blankets from the couch and other items that your dog lays on. This also includes washable covers for sofas and armchairs.

You also want to launder or clean any area rugs or welcome mats. If your dog sleeps in bed with you, be sure to wash your sheets and blankets once a week. This will remove pet odors and fur build-up.

Yet, giving your dog their own bed is a great way to avoid odors and messes in your sleeping area. Be sure to choose a dog bed with an easy to remove cover that is machine washable.

Wash the covers in hot water and use a detergent that is gentle enough for your pet. This will help remove fur, odor, bacteria, and any parasites.

Keep Pet Products Well-Organized 

Another tip is to keep your pet leashes and poo bags by the front or back door. This avoids you having to walk all over the house looking for items when your dog needs to do their business. The pet will be less likely to have accidents inside the home.

If your home has a mudroom or utility room, try to make this the designated pet storage area. You can keep their crate, feeding supplies, and leash here for easy access.

This will also keep the rest of your home clean and clutter-free. Some homeowners even install doggy shower stalls in their mudrooms. Shower stalls make it much easier to clean up after pet messes.

It also helps to place your dog’s food and water bowls on top of a mat. Use one that grips to the floor to create less mess.

Stash a towel or pet wipes in this area as well. These are good for cleaning your pet’s paws before they come into the house. Be sure to clean their paws anytime it’s raining, snowing, or muddy outside.

Use a woven basket or bin to control the clutter inside your home. This way, you can keep pet toys organized and off the floors and furniture.

Pamper and Groom Your Pet

32% of dog owners feel shedding is a significant issue in their home. A regular grooming routine will help your pet shed less.

Be sure to bathe and brush your dog and clip their nails as well. There are also a few de-shedding tools on the market to help control fur loss.

Too much stress can cause pets to shed more. So, be sure to love and praise them often.

A proper diet can also help to control hair loss. Choose food brands that focus on whole and healthy ingredients.

Keep Your Backyard Doody-Free

Backyards are meant for entertaining and relaxing outdoors with family and friends. Yet, a dog’s daily bathroom habits can transform your outdoor areas into a wasteland.

Dogs poop an average of one to four times a day. The easiest way to clean up dog poop is with a shovel. But training your dog can help to avoid a pile-up of poop.

It helps to teach your pet to have a special spot to go in to avoid having poop piles all over your yard. This is especially important in the summer when the sun can heat the poop and cause bad odors in your backyard.

There are also special services that help to clean up after your dog. Companies like DoodyCalls Pooper Scooper help homeowners control dog waste in their backyards.

Another tip is to ensure you have water hose access in your backyard. This way, you can wash off your pet’s feet if they become dirty. Then they won’t track mud all over the place.

Easy and Effective Ways to Clean up After Your Dog

These tips offer the easiest and most effective methods to clean up after your dog. With this knowledge, you can keep a happy and healthy home while living with four-legged family members.

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