7 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Pitbull Puppies for Sale

Did you know pit bull owners are considered the most loyal of pet lovers? Yes, if you are thinking about pitbull puppies for sale right now, you are about to become one of the coolest humans on earth. And we are going to tell you why.

They conquer fighting pits and are nicknamed the bully breed. Their bodies are built and are thought to always wear a mean-looking face. That alone makes many of us afraid of pit bulldogs.

We see them as ghastly beasts and a threat to our families. And that is far from the truth. If you ever got a chance to interact with a pit bull dog, he will amaze you with how much of a teddy bear he is!

It all boils down to how you raise your pitbull puppy. Understanding a pit bull’s temperament and lifestyle needs helps you raise a loyal and loving canine.

But before we get to that, let us first look at the resume of this pit bull fellow.

Pitbull Bio

History has it the pit bull is a descendant of the Old English bulldog. The canine originates from the United Kingdom and his existence was first documented in the early 18th century. The first pit bull was not bred as a family pet; it was far worse.

Early pit bulls were used in bloody sporting events like bull baiting and cage fighting. The pit bulls would harass a mature bull (cattle) until it passed out from injuries and fatigue. If not, then the two pit bulls would face each other in a bloody cage fight; often ending in one dog nursing gruesome injuries.

After the Animal Cruelty Act of 1835 (Britain) got enacted, Pit bulls could now live in a safe and happy world. The first pit bull came to America courtesy of British immigrants. He was crossbred with an American Terrier and earned the name the American Pit Bull Terrier.

The American pitbull found satisfaction in herding cattle or hunting hogs alongside his owner. He was fit for these jobs because of his strong character. To date, the American Pit Bull is revered for his loyalty, bravery, companionship, dexterity, and, surprisingly, his goofiness.

There is only one way to understand the nature of this pitbull fellow. Adopting pitbull puppies for sale!

The benefits of raising a pit bull pup are endless. Here is what living with a pit bull enriches your life.

  • Pitbull puppies give the best face licks

There is never a dull day if you are living with a pit bull puppy. They love to run you and hope onto your lap. They will give you the best face licks as you return the favor with a belly rub. If you are looking for a chill buddy to binge-watch Netflix with, you have a loyal one in a Pitbull.

Be warned, Pitbulls are overzealous kissers. So be prepared to adopt frivolous slobber.

  • Pit Bulls are Cool with Kids

Given their charming and playful nature, pitbull puppies make great playmates for kids. They also have a protective side which means your kids will always be safe around the furry fellow. Lots of families are adopting pitbull puppies for sale for this one benefit.

  • Pit Bulls truly are goofy

Mark our words, a pit bull puppy will remain goofy until he ages. He will run around the house rolling over, doing flips (if he is super fit), and making the funniest faces. If you get him enough toys to play with, he will also give you a free circus show. His favorite dog toys are a rope tug and a rubber Frisbee. A dog jumper would be great too for teaching him agility.

  • Pitbull puppies make great cuddle buddies

When you snooze with a pit bull pup, you share in the warmth and comfort. If you have a toddler who struggles to sleep, let them snuggle beside a pit bull. It is an instant sleep inducer. Snoozing with a pit bull also magnifies the bond of love you have with each other.

  • Pit Bulls Puppies for sale are not costly to raise

This may come as a shocker, but raising a pit bull is not financially demanding. You only need to feed them a high-quality diet rich in vitamins and ingredients that help their bodies grow healthy. If your pitbull pup is on a raw or bland diet, consider adding pet supplements to his diet to boost his nutrient intake.

Also, pit bulls have less grooming needs compared to other dogs. Their costs are hypoallergenic which means they shed less. Washing and brushing their coat twice a week is enough to keep them clean. Also, brush his teeth regularly so he always has fresh breath when delivering his affectionate licks.

  • Pit Bulls encourage you to be active

If you are looking for an adrenaline-filled lifestyle, adopt a XL pitbull puppy for sale. These dogs are very energetic and require lots of physical and mental stimulation for their well-being. This means regularly exercising and training them.

Once you get a pitbull, kiss the sedentary lifestyle goodbye. He will be by your bedside early morning begging you to go out for a walk or jog. When you hike together, you have to keep up with his speed as he explores new and wild scents. But not to worry, he can always sniff his way back to you.

  • Pitbulls are towering giants

Do you want your dog to be the talk of town? Get yourself XXL pitbull puppies for sale. They are cuddly when small and grow into gigantic hug-loving beasts. You will love their strength, gait, and how much respect they command in your neighborhood. And of course, everyone will want who the cuddly beast belongs to.

Adopt a pitbull today!

We could go on about how great it is living with a pit bull. But the only best way to experience that is by adopting pitbull puppies for sale. We know, there has been a lot of misconceptions around Pitbulls and how aggressive they are. But this is far from the truth.

If you want to influence a pitbull’s temperament positively, raise him well. Show them lots of love by feeding, exercising, and bonding with them. Pitbulls are very loyal dogs, and they will remain best friends with the owner who treats them well.