Prep for a Pet: 5 Ways to Determine if You Are Ready for an Animal

You may be considering welcoming a furry friend into your home. Whether it is as small as a hamster or as big a Great-Dane, you need to know if you are truly ready. There are a few things you need to think about before you head down to your local shelter or pet shop to pick out that perfect new family member.

Below we have a list of things that can impact your decision on what pet you can have or if you are ready for one.

Don’t be discouraged however if you find yourself unable to adopt a pet right now. There are plenty of ways you can help shelters and the animal residents! Most places will list these ways to help on their website.

Keep reading to find out more about becoming a cat mom or a dog dad!

  1. House Size

This can be can determine what kind of pet you can adopt. It’s very unwise to think you can properly take care of a large dog if you only have a small house. Sure, you may have a garden and parks nearby, but it isn’t practical for them or you. If you are desperate to have the company of a creature, consider something that needs less space.

A hamster or small house rabbit may be the way to go. They occupy less space and are still great to have for company. Yes, even that scruffy little gerbil can just the comfort you need just in a smaller package.

Really consider this factor when choosing a new pet.

  1. Location

If you want to get a cat and let it roam the outside, but you live near a busy road, it may not be the best idea. Where you live can play a big role in determining whether a certain pet is right for you. Dogs and cats need plenty of garden space and you need to ensure they can’t get out into busy roads and risk getting hurt.

Especially for dogs, you need to have a place you can walk them. Dog-friendly parks and beaches within a short drive will ensure that you can get your pup the exercise they need.

  1. Financial Security

If you need to buy supplies to puppy-proof your garden or cat-proof your home, you are going to need the money to do so. Also, pet food, toys, bedding and potential vet bills are all things you need to take into consideration.

Pets might provide joy and comfort, but they are a member of the family. They too need feeding and cleaning and medicine when sick. If you aren’t financially secure, unfortunately it might not be the best time to get a pet.

  1. Other Family Members

Don’t live alone? Got some little ones around? Is someone you know allergic to fur? These can determine what pet you can get, but more importantly, if it is a good time to get a pet. Older children are more likely to understand the responsibility that comes with a new pet. However, if you have a new baby, your time might already be too stretched to then also care for an animal.

Be aware that some people you know may be allergic,so if you do get a pet, be sure to warn them and regularly clean the house to rid the air and furnishings of fur.

  1. Other Pets

If you already have a pet in the house, there is no doubt you can look after another life. However, you can upset the balance of a household be introducing another animal into a space that has already got one. Cats especially aren’t always quick to adapt to big changes.

When introducing new animals to each other, start slowly and give each one its own space. Gradually let them spend some time together before separating them back to their own rooms. Hopefully they’ll end up being the best of friends and share their home harmoniously – in good time!

These things are some of the top priorities when it comes to getting a new pet, so be mindful and make sure you give your new furry (or scaly, or hoofed) friend the best life it can have from the start.