6 Puppy Care Tips for New Pet Parents

48 million households in America own a dog, and it’s easy to see why. Dogs are known as our best friends for a reason and there’s nothing like the unbridled joy of having a fluffy companion by your side.

However, if you’ve decided to welcome a puppy into your home, you need to know how to take care of them properly.

Here’s the puppy care advice you need to know.

  1. Let Your Puppy Settle in

Your new puppy is in a new place and chances are, they’re going to be anxious about it. Give them time to settle in rather than stressing that they cry through the night or don’t seem to be able to sleep very well.

If you give them the comfort and patience they need, they’ll relax in no time.

  1. Get Them Desensitized to Dog Grooming Early

Dog grooming is an essential part of dog ownership but not all pups love the process. You can help with this though!

Play with their paws to get them used to their paws being touched, and do the same with their ears and tail. When it comes to a need for actual grooming, they’ll be much calmer about it.

  1. Get Them Vaccinated ASAP

Don’t delay getting your puppy vaccinated. If you adopt or buy a puppy, talk to a veterinarian right away and see when you can get them their vaccines.

Until then, they shouldn’t be walking anywhere that has dog traffic, as parvovirus and distemper can be picked up off the ground — and can be fatal.

  1. Take Them to Puppy Class

When they’re old enough to be immunized, take them to puppy class! Puppy classes aren’t often useful training because sometimes there are too many dogs, but they’re great pet care in terms of socialization because they can be around other dogs.

  1. Advocate for Your Dog

As your dog’s owner, it’s your responsibility to advocate for your pup. If your dog is uncomfortable, they don’t need to say hi to every dog on the street and they don’t need every stranger to pet them.

Sometimes, it’s okay to gently tell a stranger to leave your dog alone — no matter how cute they are!

  1. Don’t Keep Changing Food

If you have a picky eater, don’t keep changing their food. Changing food rapidly is a quick way to upset a puppy’s stomach so if you do need to change brands, make sure you slowly mix in the new food with the old and phase it out.

Remember These Puppy Care Tips

Remembering these puppy care tips will make taking care of your new best friend a lot easier. Set them up for a life of success by taking care of their health, giving them the socialization they need, and advocating for them in uncomfortable situations.

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