Why invest in an underground electric fence?

An underground electric pet fence is an excellent way to give your dog more freedom in the yard. It serves as a strict boundary that your dog can learn not to cross. There are so many benefits to this awesome freedom, and your dog will certainly thank you!

First and Foremost, Exercise!

We all have busy schedules and getting your dog out for multiple walks a day can be a challenge some days. By investing in an underground electric pet fence, you can let your dog out in the yard to run, play with their toys, and enjoy the fresh air. Rather than being cooped up inside all day staring at the wall, your dog will be able to stretch their legs and roll around in the grass on their own free-will. While some dogs are couch potatoes, others require constant physical exertion, so reach out to a local, privately owned electric fence company like Contained K9 in Delaware to get a quote!

Avoid Issues with HOA Rules

Some developments and communities have specific regulations regarding physical fences. Many of these communities state that no physical fences are allowed in the community to maintain a certain aesthetic. By installing a hidden underground electric fence, nobody will know it is there! The wire gets buried 3-5 inches underground, so there will be nothing above ground to violate most Homeowner Associations’ rules and regulations.

Save Money on a Physical Fence

If you have ever gotten a quote for a physical fence, you know that you should be prepared to spend a pretty penny. Quotes for an average sized yard can easily reach over $10,000! The cost of a physical fence can quickly add up when you begin to add specific, customized fencing, rough landscape or terrain, and especially if you have a lot of land. The cost of an underground electric fence is significantly lower than a physical fence, so you’re almost guaranteed to save money. If you’d like a free virtual quote, see if a company like Contained K9 is in your service area in Northern Delaware. They have fully customized pricing to best suit every job, property, and dog.

Underground Electric Fences are Reliable

Installing an electric fence will give you peace of mind knowing they system is reliable and consistent. When you complete the required training, you can be confident that your dog will stay in the designated contained area. These electric fences are also reliable in the sense that the dogs will not be able to destroy them. Many dogs have a desire to destroy/scratch/chew through physical fences. Many dogs will scale and climb over a physical fence to escape. Many dogs will try to dig under them to run away. With an underground fence, dogs will no longer be able to do those same behaviors.

Easy Repairs and Adjustments

When there is a break in the wire or the electric fence system, finding the specific spot is relatively easy. Whether you hit the wire with an edger or accidentally hit the wire when digging up a tree, mistakes happen. Luckily, it’s a lot easier to fix an electric fence than it is a physical fence. The wire is also inexpensive, so repairing a break in the wire is not only quick, but cheap and easy. You may need some inexpensive tools to locate and pinpoint the exact break in the wire, but the company who installed your fence should be able to help you out!

Final Thoughts

When searching for an underground electric pet fence company, do some research and get a few quotes. While most companies install a similar product at a similar quality, the costs can vary greatly. There are some national franchises that will cost significantly more than a private, family owned business like Contained K9. To learn more about the process and the products, head over to Contained K9’s FAQ page to learn more!