Puppy Food 101: What and When to Feed Your Puppy

Puppies are a source of joy for so many. Bringing your puppy home for the first time is an exciting moment but it is also when the real work of being a fur parent begins.

With puppies come responsibilities such as potty training, walking, and feeding it, but you can’t just feed your new puppy anything.

There’s certain puppy food that they must eat in order to mature properly.

Keep reading for your guide to feeding your puppy!

What is Puppy Food? 

Puppy food is specifically made for young and growing dogs. It contains twice the nutritional requirements that adult dog food has. Puppy food also contains more fat in order to provide the growing puppy with energy.

Importance of Puppy Food 

Designed with growth and development in mind, puppy food is high in both calcium and protein to fortify bones.

There are several differences between puppy food and adult dog food, since adults don’t need as many nutrients as puppies do. If owners skip out on feeding their puppy the right food, their dogs will miss out on the key nourishment that they need.

Puppy food is very important during the formative months, so your dog can grow to be healthy and strong.

Different Types of Food

Just like you shouldn’t feed puppies the same food you give adults, you shouldn’t give small breed puppies the same food for large breeds.

There are different puppy food formulas depending on the type of breed you have and each one has different characteristics. While both certainly promote the health and wellness of your puppy, the small breed formula is more energy-dense since these puppies have a faster metabolism.

There are also different types of food within each formula such as dry, wet, and a mixture of both.

Dry, known as kibble, is made up of meat, grains, and vitamins. The mixture of ingredients is ground into pebbles for consumption. It is the most common and economical type of dog food.

Canned, or wet food contains a higher moisture content than kibble. It is also more flavorful and contains more protein. This type of puppy food tends to be labeled as “gourmet” and is a more expensive option.

Whichever type of food you decide to feed your puppy, you should make sure that it’s premium dog food in order to keep them healthy and growing.

When to Feed Your Puppy? 

Puppies thrive on a feeding schedule, so setting one and sticking to it will help both you and your puppy through the development period.

Both small breed and large breed puppies have small stomachs and it’s suggested that they are fed multiple times a day for easy digestion. Try feeding your puppy 1/2 a cup of food three to four times a day for the first six months. After this period, you can begin transitioning into feeding your puppy 3/4 cups twice a day.

Happy and Healthy Puppies 

Puppies require special care and attention and it starts with giving them the right nutrition.

Doing your research and sticking to a certain brand and type of puppy food will help establish a routine for both you and your new puppy. Stay vigilant and make sure to weigh your puppy to track its growth over time.

Knowing that there are specific puppy food formulas designed for certain breeds and understanding why puppies shouldn’t eat adult dog food will be very beneficial on your dog parent journey.

Now that you know the basics of puppy food, you and your puppy are ready to grow together!

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