Why I Use Turmeric Supplement For My Dogs

I’ve noticed for quite some time that my puppies and their mum are always huddled in the far side of their cage. Some of them have developed scabies, and others are not eating their food. They are always too tired and weak to play.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. I love my dogs, and I do everything I can to clean their cages and feed them daily. However, there are times when parasites can crawl inside their cages or they might be suffering from some diseases that I don’t know of. These things are beyond my control. 

Then There’s Turmeric

I asked around the neighborhood on what I can do. The neighbors sometimes feed the puppies and are also concerned with what’s going on. My neighbor on the second floor of the apartment where I lived suggested that I start using supplements.

With lots of supplements today, it became confusing to me which ones are right for my puppies. Luckily, I got this handy review as one of my sources for the right supplements that I should give. Someone suggested that I try turmeric, and here are some things that I can share with you after trying this seemingly miracle cure.

Looking for the Right Turmeric

I searched the internet for turmeric supplements, and I found out that there are thousands of them. However, I wanted to get only the high-quality products and not just any other cheap pills in the market.

I even found out that some of the tablets are artificially colored yellow, and since then, I was careful to scrutinize every product in the market. Here are some tips that I can share to you in determining whether a product is legit:

  • They come from trusted sources and reputable companies.
  • The tablets should be tested using microscopy, macroscopy, DNA, HPTLC and other methods. The test is needed to prove that they are safe and effective. 
  • The turmeric should have medicinal properties. The one used for cooking has a few curcuminoid compounds, so focus on the ones that are made for dogs.

Benefits for my Furry Friends

Since using the supplement a few weeks ago, I noticed several changes to my pets. They were able to handle the itch from scabies better, and their immune system seems to be ramping up. They have better appetites, and their energy levels are back. And yes, I already bought shampoo and moisturizer for them in case anyone wants to know.

Other studies have found out that turmeric can be used for arthritis, cancer, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, and a lot more. See, my original problem is scabies that causes itch and pain. However, when I used these anti-inflammatory supplements on them, it seemed that my puppies’ bodies were able to benefit more.

They are not scratching like crazy anymore, and they are back wagging their tails whenever they see me approaching their cage. The extent of health benefits is still being studied. But I’m sure that turmeric has benefitted my puppies in some ways.

Recommended Dosage

Turmeric supplements come in many forms, including paste, powder, and pills. Keep in mind that not all canines are the same, and the dose will be different to each dog. Since I’m giving the supplements to my puppies, the size of the dose is about 1/8 of a teaspoon. After two weeks, I increased the dosage to ¼ and distributed this throughout the day for quick absorption.

The component of curcumin can leave the body quickly, so I make sure that it gets absorbed before it’s expelled as urine. You can know more about curcumin here: https://examine.com/supplements/curcumin/

Another thing that I do is when I handle the bright yellow powder, I’m meticulous that it does not spill into countertops or stain my puppies.

If I have the paste variety, I mix it into the treats. I add some amount of kefir to the meals and a little water to avoid constipation. This warming spice is good, but not all of my puppies like it. So, I get other supplements that have the same benefits for turmeric. I also checked with my vet and showed her the bottle for medical advice.

So, if your dogs are suffering from any other diseases and they seem to be inattentive, then try turmeric. You can check with your vet first and see what other supplements you can add to be healthy. Puppies are like families, and they should get the best treatment that pet parents have to offer.