Tips to Care for Senior Cats

It is amazing to bring home a little kitten or a warm and furry pup, and watch them grow into these gigantic but loving beings. Being a pet parent is a wonderful feeling, and this feeling grows more and more as the time goes by, and you watch your cat or dog grow up.

But, what seems a tad difficult to do, no matter how much you love animals, is adopting and taking care of elderly pets. They do not grow into your lifestyle and are brought in your life out of the blue. This is what makes it a challenge for people to take care of them, understand their routine and requirements and make them feel at home.

However, it is not an impossible task too. Sure it might require some patience on your part, and you might be left feeling like a fish out of water trying to understand every aspect related to their lives.

But you can always pick up a few efficient tips to go about this process. In this article, we shall discuss some of the best ways to take care of your elderly pets, especially that of your cat, and try to understand what works the best for them.

Try to Keep Your Cat Inside Your House for As Much as Possible:

Senior cats do not have an immune system as strong as those of the younger ones. They might not be able to acclimatize to many situations and changing circumstances. It is, therefore, vital that you keep your cat inside your house and limit their interaction with the world outside as much as possible.

Take them out for walks, and allow them to soak some sunlight. But always keep tabs on the time and never leave them unsupervised. Make the insides of your house as positive and happy for your cat as much as possible.

They will learn to stay inside and adjust to the warm conditions that you provide for them. This will also protect them from any kind of injury, dust, pollens or bacteria.

Frame a Proper Diet for Your Senior Cat:

You must pay proper attention to your senior cat’s nutritional needs because they cannot absorb and digest all that is provided to them. As living beings grow older, the systems that run our body start changing and it is them up to the ones taking care of them to go for a diet that agrees to their body and takes care of their nutritional needs.

Go to a proper pet nutritionist if need be, or you could even read through the articles that are available on pet nutrition on the internet. They could prove to be very useful and come handy in times as such.

You must also take your cat to your vet frequently so that they can be checked for any disease or issues with their health. Sooner the diagnosis, easier will it be to treat the condition. Your senior cat might also require vaccines that you might not know about, and only a vet can enlighten you on the same.


Get Cat Insurance:

Just like human beings, animals too can have insurance. And it is extremely important that you learn about such insurance policies and get your hands on the best one. However, it can be difficult to get insurance for senior cats given that their age is a significant impediment.

In such a case, all you must do is invest time in proper research, talk to a few professionals who have been in this industry for a long time and then come up with a plan of action. Though it is difficult to get coverage for senior cats, it is not impossible.

There are several insurance agencies which provide special coverage meant only for senior pets, information about which is readily available on the internet.


Pets are always dear to all those who love animals. It does not matter what age they are of as long as you are dispensing your duties as a true pet parent. Things might start looking a bit tedious as your pets grow older and you might have to take extra care of them. The tips that we mentioned in this article applies to other older pets too. And if you have one in your house, make sure that you follow these tips to keep your pet at the best of their health.