Why Does My Dog Pee On My Bed?

One of the most common questions a dog owner asks is why their dog pees in their bed. It is common for puppies to do so but there are cases where fully grown adult dogs pee in bed making it a concern for the owners. No matter how much you love your dog, but washing bed sheets is not something you want to do every day. That’s why there are some causes and remedies that we will discuss with you so that you can know more about this issue related to your dog.


1. One of the most common causes for this dog behavior is a dirty bed. Yes, a dirty bed can be linked to your dog peeing on your bed. It is basically in their nature. A dog tries to hide its scents from the predators in a place that already smells foul or is messy.

In wild areas, they do it in feces or other animal’s dead body, but if they are domestic then they prefer your dirty laundry or your bed. Yes, if your bed is messy and dirty, then it is very likely that your dog will try to hide its scent in it by rolling himself on it and peeing on it.

Hiding pee is also necessary as predators can find their whereabouts by it. So if they can smell your scent on your bed, then they would pee on it. If your dog is feeling vulnerable then it might be peeing on your bed just to make it feel comfortable.

2. Your dog feels unsafe and afraid. This is another reason why your dog might be peeing on your bed. If your dog feels threatened or afraid just because you scolded your dog or somebody else did then it will pee on your bed out of guilt and remorse.

This is not a gesture or anger, but remorse. If the dog feels 100 mg neurontin that it has done some mistake and starts to feel bad about it then might pee on your bed. This makes your dog feels safe and comfortable and probably less vulnerable.

3. If your dog is overly submissive, then it can be another reason for peeing on your bed. Sometimes younger dogs develop this habit. This can trigger their reflex which makes them pee on different situations like if your dog is submissive and sees you after a long day, then it will pee and also it can pee while laughing or getting excited.

This is something natural and it might not go away any sooner. This might be common in young dogs, but if an adult dog does this then you should consult a vet or an animal behaviorist.

What can I do?

This problem can be dealt with a little common sense and discipline. The first thing you should do is not allow your dog on your bed or anywhere near it. This might take some time, but once you do this, your dog will not pee on your bed and will probably pee in its litter box.

The next thing you should do is clean your house and the places where your dog pees. If your dog has been peeing on your bed for a while, then clean your bed in such a way that it won’t be able to smell the pee at all. Also, wash your bed sheets every day or at least four times a week. And last but not the least, make your house dog-friendly and make sure that your dog is not afraid of anything in the house, not even you.