Apoquel Drug: What is the Alternatives?

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Many dog owners come across an issue where their dog gets an itch that can be an issue as it gets so intense that your dog suddenly becomes a maniac because of that itch. The itch is so bad that it keeps the dog up for nights. This becomes a major health concern if the itch won’t go away soon.

The itch leads the dog to bite its own body or rub the area so terribly that it gets inflamed or form bruises. This is a major concern amongst the dogs and there are hundreds and thousands of issues registered in hospitals similar to skin allergies in dogs.

That’s when the drug Apoquel hit the market like a storm. This might be popular amongst owners or vets, but it carries its own side effects and risks which might be enough to change the mind of anyone who goes for buying it.

What is the Apoquel drug?

Apoquel is basically a drug that claims to provide relief from the unstoppable urge to itch within an amazingly short period of time. The drug is FDA approved and works as an immunosuppressant.

It treats chronic dermatitis, or fleas attack causing itch in dogs and have been the number #1 choice of vets all around the world.

Usually, the itch is caused because of the bad immune system in dogs, so it works as an “immune-modulator”. In other words, this drug works as an immune system in dogs. It actually kills the sensation that makes the dog itch by interfering with the enzymes in its body.

This way it helps in providing relief from the itch and the drug is so effective that it works perfectly within 24 hours providing complete immunization from the itch and treats the affected area thoroughly.

What are the Side Effects?

This drug is just perfect as it provides total relief from the itch. But maybe it is too good to be perfect and that’s why there are some things that many people neglect. This might be good for small term use as it is not lab tested on dogs for more than 30 days. This makes it risky as there are no proofs that it will work perfectly for more than a month.

Also, the things it that the test was conducted for a month on dogs and the results were not what the scientists expected. Some of the dogs showed behavioral issues and abnormal health conditions which involved vomit, diarrhea, etc. Also, the immune system of the dogs was being compromised as there was no guarantee how long will there be a need of using this drug. It could go on for a year and it might turn out bad for dogs within that year.

There was another concern that the drug is limited to dogs older than the age of 12 months. Smaller dogs are more likely to develop bacteria and infection when given the drug making it deadly for them. And there is actually no proof that it will work perfectly for adult dogs as there are risks attached to it.

What are the alternatives?

It is not necessary to use medication for something like an itch and yes, there are actually ways in which you can stop that itch in your dog without having to use any drug.

There is actually a program that specially deals with helping dogs in getting rid of their itch. This elimination of allergy program is very effective. It might not be as effective as the Apoquel drug, but it does not have any risks or side-effects. It helps in strengthening your dog’s immune system and will eliminate the itch forever.

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