An Honest Feedback: American Journey Dog Food Reviews

Being the proud owner of a dog is indeed difficult, providing them with a balanced diet which will contain all the necessary nutrients is of utmost importance in order to keep them healthy. To meet the dietary requirements of dogs’, dog food is highly recommended. In that perspective this American journey dog food reviews article may help you.


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So, how to choose the perfect dog food?

Choosing the right type of dog food may be a difficult task but not impossible. Dog food companies provide dog food products for different dogs based on age, weight, breed (small puppies vs. large dogs) and their reproductive status.

Before settling on one, try to read the different nutrients and ingredients mentioned behind the packaging. Try to choose the product which specifies “meat” on the packaging. Dogs love meat, especially the larger breeds.

Last but not the least, consult vets or an experienced pet owner; they should help you immensely. Moreover, your dog’s bowl is as important as his food. Choose the right bowl for your pooch, for instance, get a flat dog bowl if you have a pug or any dog with a flat face.

The American Journey is one such dog food based company which has recently gained quite a lot of recognition in the dog food industry. This brand will conquer dog food issues without much hassle. This brand is USA based and is produced by Chewy Incorporation.

All the dog food produced by this brand contains high-quality animal products which keep dogs healthier and provides satisfaction to the dog owners. Thus, this brand has obtained excellent reviews from dog owners and a 4.7-star rating. Read below to find out a more honest feedback about the American Journey dog food in general and a particular dry food flavor – Beef, Sweet Potato and Brown Rice.

The Specialty of the American Journey Grain-Free Dog Food

Looking for a brand which gives dry and grain-free dog food? Then the American Journey would be perfect for them. Not just one, they have manufactured four grain-free food recipes for the lovely dogs based upon their life stages. The four flavors are Salmon and Sweet Potato, Lamb and Sweet Potato, Beef and Sweet Potato and Chicken and Sweet Potato.

Dogs often face dry, flaky skin and shed a lot of furs. All the dog food produced by them contains a special supplement known as the Alaskan Salmon Oil. This ingredient is obtained from both plant and animal resources and is extremely rich in Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. These acids nourish the dog’s fur and help to keep it shiny and healthy. They also contain high levels of DHA which improves the dogs’ vision and brain capacity.

The amino acid in Salmon is also known to keep the dogs lean by maintaining a lean muscle mass.

Some dogs may have a sensitive stomach. Ingredients like grain, wheat, corn, and soy are known to cause tummy upset in dogs. Since these foods are wholesome and free from the above-mentioned ingredients; they keep the dog’s stomach healthy and happy.

The foods are packed with fruits and berries like blueberries, carrots and dried kelp. They help to boost the dogs’ immune system, thereby shielding them from ailments.

Notice that all the four flavors contain sweet potato as an important part of the recipe. Sweet potato provides the dog with ample amount of energy to help him/ her go through the day actively.

Other than the obvious food benefits, in general, the products are delivered extremely fast and they even give you a 50% off on the first purchase with the company Chewy which is a great deal for all dog-owners.

American journey dog food reviews: The Things That Need To Be Improved

This dog food company has a lot of calculated benefits but there is indeed a huge scope for improvement.

Firstly, American Journey does not have its designated website. It is associated with and this website is not as informative and professional as it should be.

Secondly, there are only four types of recipes available in the dry food category. Whereas other brands in the dog food market have several types of categories of dog food which are based on the size/age of the dog, the food type (dry and wet food) and other product lines. This company is also expected to create a wider range of products for the home-owners to choose from.

Thirdly, this company is in the initial stages of dog based food only, whereas other companies produce food for dogs and cats both. One of the most famous animal food companies is Blue Buffalo.

Blue Buffalo is definitely doing better business due to the availability of several categories of food like dry, wet and pet treats for both cats and dogs. The American Journey limited ingredient dog food has definitely hindered its chances of being at the top. Many online reviews have even spoken about American Journey vs. Blue Buffalo.

Various American Journey limited ingredient reviews have stated that dogs are omnivorous in nature, but the American Journey only provides with non-vegetarian dog food options. The Blue Buffalo provides with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Hence, the American Journey needs to do a lot of catching up in order to become the #1 dog food trusted brand.

American journey dog food reviews

American Journey Beef and Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food, 4-lb bag

One of the four dry food recipes mentioned above, this is available at just $34.99 along with shipping charges on Chewy. This dry food recipe is a great combination of meat (beef), brown rice and sweet potato. It is an extremely healthy and tasty recipe to say the least. The dog’s face should be buried in his/her food bowl while he/she enjoys this delicious meal. He/she will thank you for this delicious treat filled with high-quality nutritional values. Filled with health benefits, beef and brown rice are known to keep dogs lean and fit whereas the sweet potato helps to provide additional energy for the dogs’ energetic adventures.

American journey dog food reviews

Key Features:

  • It contains beef, which provides dogs with huge quantities of protein that is essential for a healthy lifestyle.
  • This meal contains brown rice, a complex carbohydrate which can be easily digested and is said to be self-nourishing.
  • It even includes peas and barley which are extremely rich in natural fibers. Peas also provide a considerable amount of protein and barley is a starchy carbohydrate adding many healthy components to the entire recipe.
  • It is rich in anti-oxidants which have numerous health benefits like strengthening the immune system.
  • The most special feature is that the recipe is grain-free. Moreover, it contains sweet potato. Together they make digestion easier, keep dogs fuller for a longer period of time and also provide them with ample energy.


  • Available at a cheaper rate as compared to other brands.
  • Only real or raw beef is the first ingredient used that provides 25% protein.
  • It is a no poultry by-product meal.
  • Suitable for all life-stages.
  • Rich in Omega fatty acids.
  • Available in different lb bags.


  • Ingredients and recipes are limited.
  • The larger lb bags are difficult to carry around.
  • There are no warranty periods or cashback guarantees provided by the company.
  • The same type of recipe may not suit dogs at different life-stages.
  • Lack of wet food; all dogs may not prefer grain-free dry foods only

American Journey Dog Food 101: FAQ

American journey dog food recall

American journey dog food is one of the most popular dog food brands among many pet owners in the USA. The fact that it provides a fully balanced diet for your dog at a very affordable price makes it a perfect choice for every dog owner. Also, the variety and the ingredients used make it very reliable. But still, there are some things like the usage of controversial ingredients and some ingredients that are actually considered harmful puts many customers in a dilemma. The fact that American journey dog food has never been recalled makes it very convincing for the customers.

American journey dog food ingredients

The main ingredients used in making American journey dog food are:

Deboned chicken, turkey meal, chicken meal, Peas, Chickpeas, Sweet Potatoes, Pea Protein, Dried Beet Pulp, Chicken Fat, Flaxseed, Natural Flavor, Salmon Oil, Menhaden fish meal, blueberries, salt, carrots, dried kelp, choline, fructoolingosaccharides, chloride, mixed tocopherols, vitamin E supplement, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, zinc proteinate, iron proteinate, niacin supplement, yucca schidigera extract, copper sulfate, sodium selenite, potassium chloride, calcium panthothenate, riboflavin supplement, copper proteinate, manganese sulfate, manganese proteinate, thiamine mononitrate, Vitamin A supplement, vitamin B12 supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, Folic acid, vitamin D3 supplement, calcium iodate, dried bacillus, rosemary extract, coagulans fermentation product.

American journey dog food vs taste of the wild

If we compare these two then we have to take some factors into consideration. First is the protein levels. Both of these neurontin best prises products provide an almost similar amount of protein in their dry formula. But Taste of the Wild’s wet formula provides more protein than American Journey dog food. Also, there is fat that should be addressed. Fats are required for the development of the dog’s body and they also provide energy to function throughout the day.

Now, if we compare both of these products then we can say that Taste of the Wild provides significantly more fat than American journey dry dog food. In the case of wet food, it’s the opposite. Apart from these factors, there’s also the ingredients. Both of them are known for using controversial ingredients, but some ingredients used by American journey dog food are considered harmful. There’s not much difference in their price. Overall, these products don’t have a significant amount of difference.

American journey dog food vs blue buffalo

In order to make a comparison between American journey dog food and blue buffalo, we have to take some factors into consideration. The first factor is the quality of ingredients. Even though they both use optimum ingredients, still some of their ingredients can be called controversial. If we take them into consideration, then American journey dog food is safer than blue buffalo.

Also, when it comes to the price, then we can say that American Journey dog food is actually cheaper. Another factor that makes American journey dog food reliable is its recall history. On one hand, where blue buffalo’s been recalled a total of 9 times, on the other hand, American journey dog food’s never been recalled.

When it comes to the protein levels, then there’s not much difference between these two. Also, both brands are known to provide the same amount of fat. But that’s only for dry dog food. American journey wet food actually provides more fat. In conclusion, there’s not much difference between these products except the fact that American Journey is safer and provides better quality.

American journey dog food vs Merrick

To differentiate between these two brands, let’s start with their dry formula. The American journey’s dry formula provides less protein, less fat and more fiber than Merrick dry dog food. The wet formula of American journey dog’s food, on the other hand, provides more fat, less protein, and less fiber. The difference is not very significant, but it is still worth knowing.

Another factor that should be considered is the recall history. American journey dog food has never been recalled whereas Merrick has been recalled 6 times in the past 7 years. Now, let’s talk about the cost. There’s a very slight difference between the costs of these products. Still, if you go for American journey dog food, then it will be cheaper than Merrick. Overall, these both are safe and amazing products for our dog and can be easily found on websites like Amazon.

American journey dog food vs natural balance

To compare these brands, let’s check out some factors that should be taken into consideration. Let’s start with natural balance. Natural Balance dry dog food is known to provide less protein, less fat and less fiber than American journey dry dog food. The same is with their wet counterpart. American journey wet dog food provides more protein, more fat and more fiber, making it an optimum choice for your dog. Also, Natural balance dog food is known to use more controversial ingredients in their products than American journey dog food. But the amount of harmful ingredients used in both of them remains the same.

Another thing about natural balance is that it has a recall history. It has been recalled 5 times, whereas American journey dog food has never been recalled. So, it won’t be very surprising if we say that American journey dog food is a better choice for your dog.

American journey dog food vs nature’s domain

To make a comparison between these two, let’s take some factors into consideration. So, let’s start with the American journey. American journey is known to provide more protein, more fat and more fiber in their dry formula. Whereas, if we talk about the wet formula, then the amount of protein provided by American journey is lesser than that of nature’s domain. The rest remains the same. Also, the fact that nature’s domain dog food has been recalled and the American journey has not been recalled creates a very big difference between these two products.

Both of them are known to use harmful ingredients in their products but the list of controversial ingredients used in nature’s domain is longer. And when it comes to cost, then there’s not much difference (for dry formula). In case of wet food, American journey is a little cheaper. Overall, these two products have some similarities, but we’d recommend American journey dog food.

American journey dog food vs Beneful grain free

In order to compare these two brands, there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration. The first factor is the ingredients. Even though both of them are known for using controversial and harmful ingredients, still in case of baneful grain free dog food, the numbers are much greater than that of the American journey making American journey much safer. Other factors are the amount of protein, fat, and fiber in their dry formula. American journey dry dog food has slightly higher amounts of protein, fiber, and fat. In the case of their wet formula, the protein amount is higher in the baneful dog food. The amount of fat used is very low in baneful and fiber is also less making it not a very good choice for your dog.

When we look at their recall history, we can say that baneful has been recalled on March 9, 2016, whereas American journey hasn’t been recalled even once. Overall, we can conclude that American journey dog food is a better choice for your dog.

American journey dog food vs 4health dog food

Both of them are amazing dog food brands and making a comparison between these two can be a little hard. Still, there are some factors that can be considered. The 4health dry dog food and American journey dry dog food, both are above-average products. But there’s a difference between the amounts of ingredients used in both of them. American journey dog food is known to use some controversial ingredients, but the numbers are much greater in 4health dog food. The amount of fat, fiber, and protein used is almost the same, making both of them a great choice for your pet.

Another factor that should be considered is the recall history. American journey dog food has never been recalled whereas 4health dog food was recalled in 202 due (potential) salmonella contamination. But apart from that, there’s not much to differentiate between these two apart from the availability factor and customer satisfaction in which American journey dog food is the winner.

American journey vs Nutro dog food

In order to make a comparison, there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration. According to a report from Pawdiet, American journey dry dog food guarantees protein, which is 3.07% more than what Nutro dog food offers. But in the case of wet food, the protein amounts roughly the same.

Now, let’s talk about Fats. Fats are an important component that makes up for a balanced diet for dogs. Now, if we talk about differences in the products that each brand offers then we can say that the dry formulas actually provide the same amount of fat percentage, whereas in the wet formula, Nutro dog food provides less fat than American journey.

Apart from these differences, there’s cost too. The American journey dry dog food costs lesser than Nutro dog food and still manages to provide higher nutritional value than Nutro dog food. So, if we compare them, then we can easily say that American journey dog food is better.

Who makes American journey dog food?

American journey dog food is one of those companies based on dog food which has gained a significant amount of popularity and recognition in not the only USA but also around the world. The food made by the company is healthy and of optimum quality that is why most of the pet owners prefer buying American journey dog food.

Due to its high demand, a lot of customers prefer to know a little background of the company before making any purchase. The most frequently asked question is about the manufacturer. This is a brand produced by Chewy Incorporation and manufactured by a third-party.

Where is the American journey dog food made?

Another frequently asked question is where American journey dog food is made. This usually happens because people don’t usually prefer buying imported products. There can be many reasons for that. It can be the credibility or the cost. But if the product is manufactured in the country where you are living, the situation becomes convincing if you already like the product. American journey dog food is a USA based brand and a third party manufactures it exclusively for the Chewy Incorporation. It gets manufactured in the USA only. Since it is manufactured by third-party, the info about the party belongs only to Chewy Incorporation.

Where to buy American journey dog food?

American journey dog food has actually brought a revolution in the dog food industry. The product itself has made the life of many pet owners easy. The best part about this product is availability. American journey dog food can be easily found in your nearest pet stores. But if it’s not available there then you can always go to websites like Amazon where you can conveniently get the product at your doorstep. Even though it is available online, it might not always be available in every pet store around the world since it is a USA based brand. So, if you live outside the USA, then it is best to buy it from Amazon.

How good is American journey dog food?

If we judge by its ingredients, American journey dog food is a pretty average product with an above-average demand. This grain-free dog food is popular for a reason. It has a dry protein matter of 36%, carbohydrates at 41% and an estimated fat level of 16%, which makes up for a good quality meal for your dog. Moreover, according to the regular customers of this product, most of them said that their dogs love the taste of the food and they can actually see a difference for good in their eating habits. When compared to typical dog food (dry), American journey dog food ranks on top.

American journey dog food feeding chart

In order to provide your dog with a proper balanced diet, make sure that you feed approx. 1/3 cup for each and every 10 pounds that are over 100 lbs of the entire body weight.

Don’t forget that puppies need 2-3 times the amount you feed an adult dog. Moreover, provide your dog with plenty of fresh water.

In case you want to transition your dog’s current diet to American Journey then you have to follow some of the steps. Start by introducing American Journey to your dog’s current diet in small amounts. Then gradually reduce the current diet’s amount and increase the American journey’s amount. Do this for 7-10 days in order to complete the transition. If your dog is sensitive then we’d recommend you to give at least 14 days for the transition.

Last Part of American journey dog food reviews

This article reviewing the American Journey dog food would have surely helped you to know the facts that were unknown before and learn some new things along the way. It should have cleared doubts or ensured the choice of buying/ not buying this brand respectively.

Remember, all breeds are different and their requirements vary from one another. This brand may be the best for some breeds or it may not even suit some. If a dog falls into the latter category make sure to change his/her diet and visit the vet immediately who can suggest special diets for him/her.

Various American Journey limited ingredient dog food reviews are available online today and be sure to read them before coming to a decision. Lastly, make it a point to read reviews of all the four recipes and gather as much nutritional information as you can before making the final purchase.

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