5 Tips to Purchase The Right Cat Feeder

It’s easy to save on resources and even avoid frustration by researching before purchasing a product.

Now, if you’re looking to purchase the right cat feeder, take a deep breath because we shall show you how.

In the text below, we’ve outlined the five crucial tips you need to follow when purchasing the right cat feeder.

Storage Capacity

Cat feeders normally come with varying storage capacities.

The large cat feeders can hold up to 12 meals per day, while the small feeders can hold anywhere from 4 to 7 meals per day.

If you have an automatic feeder, you can adjust them to dispense meal portions at certain times of the day.

The large at feeders are ideal for households with multiple cats, while the small ones are suitable for those with few cats.

So, before investing in a feeder, consider the consumption of your felines and get a unit that suits them.

Types of Food

Another critical element to consider is the type of food your unit dispenses.

I like to feed my cat wet food, while others prefer feeding their dry food.

Either way, if you normally feed your cat wet food, you won’t be able to use it for dry cat food, and vice versa.

In most cases, automatic cat feeders can only dispense dry food, and you’re not going to find an automatic option that dispenses wet food.

So, before heading to the local store, you need to be sure about the types of food that you’re going to be feeding your cat.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The biggest hurdle with keeping a cat is cleanliness.

It’s particularly challenging to clean their “dining table.”

And so, when selecting a feeder, choose one that will allow easy cleaning and maintenance.

Ideally, the right feeder should be easy to assemble and disassemble, and this should allow for simple and thorough cleaning.

We also recommend choosing feeders with removable bowls as they are more hygienic, and it’s easy for users to perform a thorough clean on them.

While at it, remember that the material construction of the feeder also plays a crucial role in the overall hygiene and ease of cleanliness.

Ideally, you should go for feeders with dishwasher-friendly material, as they’re easy to clean, they don’t retain odor, and they’re less likely to harbor disease-causing elements.

Consider the Needs of your Cats

Cats are generally calm and nonchalant, but they can also be cunning and determined.

Each cat, as you may notice, might have vastly unique and versatile abilities.

Like humans, their abilities are more like personalities, and these traits are normally associated with certain risks.

For instance, cat breeds such as the Siamese or Bengal cats are known to be quite aggressive when searching for food.

So, it’s always crucial that you pay attention to your cat’s abilities when searching for a feeder.

For instance, if your cat can jump doors or known to kick things, then you might need to invest in a feeder that protects the food.

The material construction, for instance, should be heavier and sturdier.

If your cat feeds on the outside, or have a dog in the same household, for instance, you should consider a dog proof cat feeding station, thatwill prevent your ravenous dog from accessing the cat food.

User Friendliness

Regardless of your cat’s abilities and personality, a cat feeder shouldn’t be sophisticated for your cat to use.

A cat feeder should be simple and easy to use.

Since you determine the working of the feeder, you should also factor the ease of use.

For instance, if you are using an automatic cat feeder, you might consider one with advanced features such a simple message display, programming, or compatibility with smartphones.

With such features, it would become easier for you to operate the device remotely and with ease while having control of the feeding pattern of your cat.