Yeast Free Dog Food: 5 Best Yeast Free Dog Foods That Has 1.4% of Crude Fat

Food is the most influencing thing in anyone’s life. From humans to animals and plants, eating nutritional food is very important to stay healthy. When it comes to humans, you can easily ask a person to eat or avoid something just by saying it. The case isn’t the same for pets, especially dogs as the number of food alternatives for them is very less especially while your are looking for yeast free dog food.

A person who doesn’t know dog food might give his/her pet the same type of food every day and this is not at all a good practice, to be honest. If you are doing it too, then you should stop doing it today itself.

A lot of dog owners are facing a similar problem with their pets and in many cases, the owners don’t even know about it until they take their dog to a vet. Yeast has always been an important part of meals either it is a human or dog. But when the level of yeast increases in dogs, it can create various health problems for them.

If your dog is having skin itches, abnormal swelling, mood swings, allergies, etc. kind of problem then yeast might be the culprit behind it. This problem is known as Yeast Dermatitis and to get rid of it, you must pay attention to the food you are serving to your pet.

From this page, you can get to know everything about yeast in dog’s food and some of the best yeast free dog foods as well. Most of the yeast-free dog food comes with an “Anti-Yeast” label but some might not have it.

It doesn’t matter if a packet has such a label or not, if you know about the ingredients that can increase yeast level in dogs, then you can distinguish the right food for your dog yourself. The best tip you can ever receive about the dog food is keeping starch or sugar products out of your dog meal to stop the blood glucose levels from increasing.

What Is Anti-Yeast Dog Food or Yeast Free Dog Food?

Before you visit the section to know about the best yeast free dog foods, you must know about the types of yeast available in the market and that we can eat. Yeast is a very important ingredient and from humans to dogs and other animals, everyone needs a small amount of yeast to stay fit and fine.

There are different types of yeast available out there and we have mentioned two of the most popular yeast that you can find and eat in everyday life.

Brewer’s Yeast – This type of yeast is a by-product and it is also known as “deactivated yeast”. The remains of the process through which beer is made get us brewer’s yeast. If you are looking for yeast that is rich in protein and B vitamins then you will need this “Saccharomyces Cerevisiae” fungus aka brewer’s yeast.

Nutritional Yeast – As the name says, this type of yeast can be found in various foods of humans as well as the dogs. When the Saccharomyces Cerevisiae fungus is treated with molasses then you get nutritional yeast from it which is also very sweet. It is very rich in enzymes and B vitamins as well.

Yeast-Fighting Dog Food Components

Here are some of the ingredients or components that you should avoid in your dog food to keep his yeast level in control. If your dog has high-level yeast, then don’t give him the food that has these components in it:

  • No sugar or starch ingredients.
  • No food with corn, rice or wheat.
  • Corn syrup is high in fructose.
  • Food with processed ingredients.


Top 5 Best Yeast Free Dog Food | Anti-Yeast Dog Food Reviews


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Weruva Grain-Free Natural Canned Wet Dog Food


 yeast free dog food

The first food in our yeast free dog food list is a canned food from Weruva which is skinless and boneless white breast chicken meat.

This food is free from all types of ingredients like gluten, grains, corn, soy, wheat, etc. so it is very helpful for your dog to keep him healthy and free from problems related to yeast.

Another good thing about this food is that it is a minimally processed food so you can expect it to be full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

While this food has about 1.4% of Crude Fat but that is completely normal if you are looking for yeast-free foods. This food can be given to the canine even if he doesn’t have any type of yeast related infections.

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 yeast free dog food

This is a grain-free food for your dogs and it is currently one of the highly-rated products on Amazon. Another good thing about this food is that it is very easy to digest so you can give it to your dog often.

It doesn’t matter how big your dog is, you can give him this food since it comes with fewer carbs and high calorie contents that increase the level of protein in his body.

It is a very high-quality food that ensures that your dog doesn’t get any type of preservatives and by-products. There are different dehydrated ingredients available in this food such as turkey, apples, eggs, D and E vitamins, carrots and many more.

A 10 lb box will get you around 40 lbs of dog food which is pretty much good quantity for a normal-sized dog. Just add warm water, wait for 3 minutes and the food will be ready to be served.

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 yeast free dog food

If you are looking for protein-rich food for your dogs, then you can consider buying this food from CANIDAE. This food comes with various types and you can select one among them as per your needs.

This food is suitable for all life stages of dogs and if you are observing high yeast level in your dog then you can start serving this food to him to keep the yeast level in control and to get him more energy and nutrients.

This food doesn’t have any type of wheat, rice or corn because it is made with different types of meats of chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish.

Not only the yeast level of your dog will be in control with this food, but it will also improve his immune system, digestion, skin, and coat as well. If you have a lactating female dog at your home then you may need to feed this food to her about 3-4 times a day.

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 yeast free dog food

This food comes with a very important ingredient named “cage-free chicken”. Also, it comes with calcium & phosphorus which makes this food very beneficial for the dog’s teeth and bones.

There are no artificial colors, grains or corn in this which makes it one of the best food for dogs with high yeast levels. You can serve this food to dogs of all sizes like a puppy to senior.

Though you must remember that feeding amounts vary from age to the health of your pet. You can visit the Instinct Pet Food website to know about the exact measure and feeding recommendations.

You will find some raw boast in this food packet which are loved by the dogs. If you are not sure about any other yeast-free food for dogs, then you can give this food a try and your pet will love it for sure.

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yeast free dog food

Well, the food products we have mentioned above have some types of chicken in them, but this food is completely free of chicken, eggs and chicken by-products.

It is made of Trout and Salmon as main ingredients which are very beneficial for the dog of every age. If you have a small pup in your home who is having a pet food allergy, then you can’t find anything better than this food to serve him.

It is a heart-friendly food because of Omega 3 fatty acids in it. Also, it is a very useful food for building-up the immunity of your dog.

This food also has some healthy vegetables and antioxidants from fruits which makes it a complete meal for the dogs of all sizes. You can consult your vet about the serving quantity as it can be used as regular dog food also.

 FAQs Related To Yeast Free Dog Food

How Often You Should Feed Your Dog?

When you are giving your dog food that doesn’t have yeast, then it is not the only thing you must be feeding him. It depends on your dog’s age and diet, that how many times you need to feed him and how much food will be good for him to keep everything going normal.

Each anti-yeast dog food packet will have directions that you need to follow. You will find out the times you can feed your dog this type of food. Also, don’t forget to consult a veterinarian about the food and the number of times you can serve your dog yeast free food.

How To Prevent Yeast Infections In Dogs?

Yeast always stays in dogs and cats, but sometimes it goes crazy and creates problems for the pets. In summers, you must take care of your pet’s yeast balance as yeast problems generally occur more in the summers than winters. Though it depends on one’s routine and diet if he can get yeast infections or not. You can take some precautions to prevent yeast-related problems from happening in your pets. Here are some ways to stop the yeast from causing problems to your pets.

  • Don’t keep your pet wet for long.
  • Do not let your pets play or run in hot/humid areas.
  • Avoid giving your pets those snacks that have sugar in them.
  • Keep checking your pet’s unusual odor or swelling.
  • Avoid doing excessive cleaning of ears and paws. 
  • However, its best to keep trimming dog hairs regularly by using appropriate clippers. Like, Yorkies should be groomed by best dog clippers for Yorkies.


Well, yeast-free dog food is helpful for your pets and especially dogs. It doesn’t have to be a yeast-free meal for your every time, but when you start noticing a change in his behavior or skin, then you can consider giving him this type of food. As we said earlier, don’t forget to consult a vet before changing the meal of your pets.

There are different types of yeast-free dog food available out there, but the products we have mentioned in this post are best among all. If you are still in confusion about anti-yeast dog food, then we are always here to help you in getting the right product for your pet. Let us know about your confusions and we will clear it out to help you.